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SUMMARY: Social media and blogs are two of the most popular channels in content marketing. But you have plenty of other tools at your disposal, including video. Sound too expensive? Think again.

See how a B2B software company used videos to boost site traffic and nurture leads on a slashed budget. We included tactics that the team used to turn its email marketing into its best promoter of videos.

B2B marketers are often stuck with the undesirable task of explaining complicated technology before selling it. This challenge, however, can also be a great opportunity to try content marketing with video.

Attivio, for example, sells enterprise search and unified information access (UIA) solutions. Its team educates prospects on tech topics through whitepapers, webinars, analysis and more recently, short videos.

"Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and video says 50,000 words," says Drew Smith, Director, Online Marketing, Attivio. "Sometimes it's easier for people to digest a complex concept by watching a two-to-three-minute video versus trying to read an eight-page whitepaper."

Smith's team published a variety of videos since early 2009 that helped build site traffic, nurture leads, and train employees. Although not the only cause of the increase, site traffic spiked after the team started regularly posting videos. Attivio's site now receives about:

- 200% to 300% more monthly unique visitors

- 100% longer average time-on-site per visitor (another one to two minutes)

- 3-minute average time spent on pages with videos

- 1-minute 30-second average time spent on pages without videos

Over the last 18 months compared to the 18 months prior, the team achieved:

- 157% increase in search engine traffic

- 100% increase in unique visitors

- 63% increase in page views

"We're extending engagement by creating compelling content," Smith says. "People read thousands of blog posts, whereas a video sticks in their head a little bit more. If it's a compelling video and they find it informative, they tend to come back to the site."

Below are the seven tactics Attivio used to make its videos a success:

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