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Smartphones and tablets have become our favorite shopping companions.

According to comScore’s 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report, more than half of the U.S. smartphone population used their phone to perform retail research while inside a store in 2011.

Consider these popular in-store behaviors:

  • 1 in 5 U.S. smartphone owners took a picture of a product while in store.

  • Nearly the same number (1 in 5) texted or called family or friends about a specific product.

  • Close to 1 in 5 also scanned a product barcode.

  • 12% of all smartphone owners used their phone to compare product prices while in a store.

  • Nearly 10% used their device to find coupons or deals.

Heavy use of mobile devices in-store offers brands and retailers a significant opportunity to reach customers throughout their shopping and purchasing experience. Mobile video specifically can help engage consumers everywhere shop, bridging the gap between on and offline shopping.


There are several ways to use video on e-commerce sites, and retailers are experimenting every day to uncover strategies that produce the best results. Here are 4 ways to use mobile video to enhance in-store conversions:

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