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Research from IDC forecasts that by 2015, more US Internet users will access the web via mobile devices than through PCs. With mobile video traffic on a pace to exceed PC traffic, this year will likely bring a slew of mobile video ad innovations.

Case in point. Interactive ad technology vendor Jivox is rolling out new features to enable “mobile-optimized landing pages” for any multi-platform campaign that includes smartphones.

This is a good thing. How many times have you clicked on a mobile link only to have to scroll across the screen back and forth and back and forth til your eyes pop out? (Happened to me last week. Fortunately, only one eye fell and I popped it back in).

Jivox said the new features let marketers create mobile pages for viewing on both Android and Apple smartphones, and are designed for developers to quickly and easy optimize the pages to boost engagement and lead generation.

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