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4 Enterprise SEO Trends to Watch in 2012

  • Written by ClickZ - Adam Audette
Those who know my writing are probably aware that I'm not usually given to creating "top lists" of anything. While they can be a popular way to frame articles, they can also create a tendency for the writer to seek superficial attention. Let's face it: infographics and "top 10" lists are as ubiquitous as iPhones and complicated shoes at a SXSW show.

That said, these types of pieces can be very successful because of this approach. Concise and to the point is well appreciated in this noisy, hectic, rapidly changing industry. Look no further than Rand Fishkin's excellent article on 2012 SEO trends to see an example of a list done right, with a wildly popular outcome (no doubt greatly amplified by Rand's celebrity status and general awesomeness).

Well, this time it's different. Lately I've found myself answering many questions around what SEO trends are important to watch in 2012. Since it's a topic that many colleagues, clients, and prospects are keenly interested in, I'm going to share my opinions here. I'll keep the theme focused on enterprise-level SEO, where my work experience is primarily focused. And I'll put them into an easy-to-read-and-share top list. No time like a new year to break old habits, right?

Let's get on with the show. Here are my top four enterprise SEO trends to watch:

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