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Consumers constantly wade through online clutter, from news streams detailing current events to updates from friends and colleagues on social networking sites. Because of this, advertisers are often challenged to stand out in the online crowd. One increasingly popular way advertisers are choosing to make an impact is through online video advertising. According to eMarketer, video-based ads outperform traditional display ads five-to-one in driving impressions and/or interaction.

While many retail advertisers know eye-catching videos capture customer attention, today's economic climate demands they also keep costs in check. Several ad platforms offer retailers the tools they need to easily transform an existing TV spot into a customized online video ad. Often this transformation can be done at a fraction of the cost and with better targeting than a typical TV ad or traditionally-built rich media ad.

Through enhanced online technology, retailers have an immense opportunity to maximize their existing creative materials to develop compelling, locally-relevant, trackable advertising without breaking their budget. Here are five tips to create more compelling in-banner video ads that will help drive traffic and engagement to your e-commerce site and brick-and-mortar locations:

1. Make ads locally relevant. Consumers will be more inclined to act on ads that tie to their location. In the past, using geo-specific specials, events, contests, and more was daunting because of the expense - especially when it meant customizing video for 2,000+ store locations! Now, using in-banner video technology, retailers can generate thousands of localized ads with multiple messages based on geography data like Zip code or designated marketing area (DMA), on the fly using a single piece of creative. The ads can even include local store information such as maps, directions, inventory, and links to store-specific web pages.

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