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According to comScore Americans streamed just over 21 hours of content in October; Google continued to drive online viewing with more than 160 million unique viewers watching just over 424 minutes each. The big news, though, sets with video advertising. Americans watched more than 7 billion video ads for the month, most over Hulu's platform (46 ads per viewer, 557 million ad minutes).

High though the numbers are, video ads still account for less than 20% of time spent with video, indicating more room for advertisers to sponsor content.

Which shows are the most engaging? General Sentiment's TV Audience Evaluation Report finds most consumers feel involved with 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Glee' and 'The X Factor' (November 21-27). Dramas are also ranking high, with 'NCIS', 'House' and 'Dexter' finding high engagement with viewers as well. General Sentiment ranks 'involvement' as the amount of discussion or word-of-mouth generated online for programs.

A new release from YuMe could set some marketer's minds at ease. Called the YuMe ACE Relevance Engine, the platform helps brands make the most of each impression by reporting back information like player size, player coordinates and the viewing area; it serves contextually relevant ads to viewers.

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