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By switching the privacy setting for videos, YouTube users can now share metrics related to videos with other users.

When you upload a video to YouTubeYouTubeYouTube, you get access to YouTube Insight, a powerful analytics tool that shows you a bunch of interesting metrics about your video: who�s watching it, where, its ratings, total number of views and the like.

This info, however, was � until now � hidden from the rest of the general population, but not any more. By switching it on in the the privacy settings for your videos (located under �My Account�) you can now share this data with everyone. It�ll become visible in the �Statistics & Data� section, located under the video.


So, what can the viewers see? Besides the number of total views, comments, ratings and average ratings, one can also find out a list of top ten referrals, gender/age audience distribution, and popularity of the video in various parts of the world. Not bad for a free tool, especially for journalists and analysts who will now be able to gather some more data about a particular video (if the option is switched on, of course).

See an introductory video for YouTube Insight below; and see how it works in practice on this same video on YouTube.

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