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I recently had the opportunity to interview Scot Wingo, who is on the Board of Directors for as well as the Founder and CEO for global e-commerce platform provider, ChannelAdvisor. In the interview, Scot shares his insights on how the retail industry can utilize video commerce to strategically improve product conversion.

Interview with Scot Wingo:

Justin Foster: Today we’re speaking with Scot Wingo from ChannelAdvisor. Scot, thanks for joining us.

Scot Wingo: Hey, thanks for having me.

Justin Foster: Can you tell our readers a little about yourself, and specifically share with us what your background is in ecommerce industry?

Scot Wingo: Sure, I’m the CEO and one of the founders of ChannelAdvisor. We are a software company that started in 2001. Our software is on-demand or used in a browser. Our customers are retailers. We have over a 3,000 retailers as customers, and what we do is help them manage what we call the e-commerce channel, and there’s three different buckets in there. There’s paid search like Google, Bing and Yahoo! There are comparison shopping engines. We actually support over 130 comparison shopping engines. And finally, there are marketplaces like eBay and, and also new marketplaces out there, like that we support.

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