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Video is becoming ever more important to online business. In the few minutes it takes to read this post, at least 200 hours of video will be uploaded to the Internet and 8 million or so videos will be watched. And these stats are for YouTube alone.

With so much video about, you’d think every mid-to-large-sized e-commerce site would be running a well-oiled, high impact video program by now, but you’d be wrong.

Many e-commerce merchants are still learning the hard way that producing and incorporating video that boosts traffic, conversion and brand value isn’t as easy as it seems.

Before launching or expanding your online video program, here’s a roundup of common pitfalls to avoid:


1. Don’t have an end goal in mind

Why are you adding video to your site? Do you want to raise conversions by demonstrating unique aspects of your products or services? How will your videos build your brand? Before jumping in head first, commit your strategy and financials goals (e.g. revenue, conversions) to paper, and think through how video will enhance the shopping experience for your customers and support your brand values.

2. Don’t be authentic or interesting

People buy from people, not websites. To set the right tone and presentation, imagine you’re talking to viewers face-to-face, and keep your message helpful yet concise. Think about how to pique interest at the start and limit each video to 1-3 concepts you want to convey.

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