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SUMMARY: Video marketing is quickly becoming a speedy, effective and SEO-friendly way for marketers to reach consumers. This can be especially true for small businesses, as well as those who don't have traditionally "camera-ready" products.

Read on for four tactics from two video marketing leaders in small business, including one who generated one million video views on YouTube. These tactics will take you from the genesis of an initial idea to cultivating a robust video program.

Jeremy Vest, Senior SEM and Online Manager, Wasp Barcode, has one million views right now on the Wasp Barcode YouTube page. This is a point of pride for him as a marketer for a "super non-sexy product."

Although a barcode scanner doesn’t seem like it would light up the screen, one million views proves it is more than possible, perhaps even preferable, for products that don't pop off the page to do better in this highly visual format.

Small businesses, even on a tight marketing budget, can take advantage of the tremendous opportunity video allows to display or demonstrate their product or service, according to Mark Zamora, Producer, Manchu Media.

The opportunity is growing all of the time with an August 2012 comScore U.S. Online Video Rankings report showing an all-time high of 188 million U.S. Internet users watching 37.7 billion online content videos in August alone.

According to Zamora, it can be a very inexpensive way for a small business to get their name out, and when it comes to developing and shooting video content, his advice is to "just do it, even if you're not getting results right away."

Zamora suggested when beginning to remember "in the end, it is all about the customer, and you want to make your customer happy, you want them to feel like you care about their needs and that is your number one priority."

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