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I just got the scoop on Mixpo's new Frameworks from Walter Harp and he tells me there's some interesting things going on with them in the near future as well. Frameworks basically offer you a set of pre-made interactive layer formats to help advertisers easily implement interactivity in a variety of ways. They are customizable video ad components that enable advertisers to easily overlay rich interactivity, which can be personalized in real-time based on audience, and yield detailed performance data and insights.

Mixpo Frameworks For Interactive Online Video

The Mixpo Frameworks are similar to some other products we have seen in regards to interactive overlays but the interesting part is that I'm told there is a team of engineers working in the background to take these Flash-heavy interactive overlay products, and turn them into HTML5. Methinks they need to look into the Read the full story hereAdobe Edge product I talked about earlier this year, which is now in public preview. But I think what Mixpo is doing is semi-automating the process so the ads run in both Flash and HTML5.

The Mixpo Frameworks come in a variety of styles:

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