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Once upon a time, notes Ryan at the MarketFish blog, email was the pinnacle of cutting-edge online technology. But that was then and this is now.

"While there [are] a bunch of really cool companies driving innovation in the email space, as a whole, email still lags behind the breakneck innovation that you find in other digital marketing channels," he notes.Br>
And that's why embedded video still presents such a quandary for email marketers. When you're not even sure that images will render, should you even attempt to use video, or should you stick to a safer—though less elegant—bet like animated GIFs?

Ryan cites a study from the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media that suggests video embedded in an email—for all of its logistical drawbacks—is worth the effort:

  • A vast majority of senior marketing executives—88%—report that email with integrated video improves campaign performance.

  • A smaller, though still sizable, majority of 76% say these campaigns generate high click-through rates.

  • Finally, 72% say "prospects are more likely to make a purchase or take other desired actions after viewing video content sent via email."
In the end, it appears that the surest way to deliver video to your email subscribers is by linking to an external source, rather than embedding it in your message. But the case for finding an embed solution is strong.

The Po!nt: Maybe it's time. When video can do so much for your email campaigns, can you afford not to try it?

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