Video Marketing, Production, Advertising and Communications News - June 26, 2016

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YouTube Users Upload 72 Hours of Video Per Minute (and that Number’s Going Up Fast!)

  • Written by Tubefilter - Joshua Cohen
YouTube celebrates its seventh birthday sometime in the month of May 2012. In honor of the occasion, the world’s largest video sharing site put together a video commemorating some highlights of the content it’s been able to stream to the internet-connected masses since sometime in May 2005, as well as a few choice stats highlighting how many millions of individuals watch the incomprehensibly large volume of programming the site streams on a daily basis.

Here’s that video:

And here’s one of the choice stats: YouTube users now upload more than 72 hours of video every minute to the video-sharing site. That’s a lot! But what’s more impressive than the fact three-days-worth of content is being uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds is the rate at which that statistic has increased over the years.

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