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Lacoste, the French sportswear and athletic equipment brand, has launched a new fashion line and tennis racquet, harnessing the power of interactive video mobile apps for promotion.

Director Romain Laurent, who has also directed videos for other luxury brands like Hermés, together with Paris-based agency MNSTR created seven videos for Instagram and Vine introducing the new sportswear and racquet. Users were also encouraged to follow Lacoste on their Snapchat to view behind-the-scenes shots of the videos in progress. The campaign was unified by the #BeautifulTennis hashtag.

Lacoste also simultaneously published a 128-page print book written by Desports magazine Editor Adrien Bosc entitled A History of Tennis and Elegance. It contains a short history of the sport and its influence on Lacoste design through the decades. The book also has a video component -- if the user holds their phone to certain images in the book they will transform into a video through the camera. The same feature works on Instagram when browsed on your computer.

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