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2014 Video Production Survey Report 2014 Video Marketing Survey Report

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2014 Online Video Production Survey and Trends Report

This in-depth industry trends report on online video production practices is based on a 24 question survey taken by 318 video production professionals.

Survey Topics Covered:

  • Video Applications, Quantities, and Budgets
  • Video Formats, Equipment and Editing Software
  • Video Content Deployment and Optimization
  • Video Production Challenges and Success

Articles on Social Video Sharing and Social Media Video Marketing

The latest news articles, tips and trends about social video and social media video marketing and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn, including best practices for social videos, statistics on social media audiences and sharing behaviors, tips for generating engaging social media videos people will want to share, and news of inspired and successful social media campaigns.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine: Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

Thursday, 02 October 2014 | Mediabistro's All Twitter - Shea Bennett   

There are a number of sites perfectly suited for social video marketing. YouTube is ideally suited for both short-form and long-form video content. Sister network, Google+, is part of the Google ecosystem so video is also a natural component. Visual content engages users of the Facebook and Twitter networks. Vine and Instagram easily enable marketers to create visually engaging short-form video content.

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The Four Ms of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 | Entrepreneur - Kevin Bobowski   

Social video marketing campaigns should include four key fundamentals: Monitor, Manage, Measure, and Monetize. Monitoring campaign efficacy can help improve the execution and management of the promotion. Tracking and analyzing the campaign's performance ultimately helps to monetize to enable the social video content to generate leads and engage viewers.

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Reddit + Video: A Comprehensive Guide for Video Marketers

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 | Reel SEO - Carla Marshall   

Experienced social video marketers know that they shouldn't put all of their eggs in one basket when it comes to distribution (and that includes YouTube), but Reddit could prove to be a valuable social media video marketing resource if you play it right.

But what is Reddit? In its own words, it's a "type of online community where users vote on content", and what may appear to be an impenetrable maze of disparate micro-sites, is in fact thousands of active communities, each passionate about their chosen subject. Users visit the social platform in their millions for a range of content, including news, images, memes, and of course, videos. Reddit has the ability to send a significant amount of traffic to your YouTube Channel or website, even if you never make it to the 'Front Page'.

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Leveraging Social in Video Marketing Strategy Can Reap High ROI

Thursday, 11 September 2014 | Content Standard - Riley Wilson   

Research from VMare found that social video marketing is a critical component of an effective web video marketing strategy. When organizations produce compelling video content, the video can generate a high level of lead-generation engagement when deployed across social media channels. The most effective social video marketing content contains a clear call to action.

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Facebook Adds YouTube-Like Video Features, as It Tops 1 Billion Daily Views

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 | Variety - Todd Spangler   

Facebook, already a huge distributor of social media video, is adding a pair of YouTube-like video analytics features. In an update that will start rolling out this week, Facebook users will be able to see how many views a video on Facebook has received, something that’s been part of YouTube’s service for years. On Facebook, view counts will be shown on public videos to help people discover new, popular videos.

Another feature, which Facebook is currently testing on mobile, displays related videos after users finish watched a clip (also a longstanding YouTube capability). And Facebook also plans at some point to allow social media videos hosted on the service to be embeddable on more third-party sites.

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How to Use Instagram Video in Your Marketing

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 | Business2Community - Susan Solovic   

You probably are already aware of the good web video marketing results some small businesses are getting by using Instagram as part of their online video marketing strategy.

Most often, businesses post pictures of their products to engage their customers and potential customers. Here I want to move away from the standard picture posting and talk a little about Instagram video marketing.

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Beyond the Cat Video: 8 Awesome Online Social Video Trends

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 | Parade - Ilya Pozen   

Online video marketing is having a major moment. In fact, of all the data shooting around the web, 60 percent is video. In January 2014 alone, 190 million Americans watched 75.6 billion videos. We’re increasingly watching video everywhere, from our television screens, to our computer monitors, and even our mobile devices.

Yet the ideal of web video marketing is still very much stuck in the viral video marketing mode. When we’re curating videos for my company Pluto.TV, we know there is so much more out there besides cats playing piano. Online video is changing the way we work, the way we learn, and even the way we connect with each other. It’s making it possible to tell your story, to learn a new skill, and to see more of the world.

Below are just a few of the awesome social video sharing trends making us all want to press play:

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[Data] How Brands Can Better Leverage Facebook Video Marketing

Monday, 01 September 2014 | Content Standard - Riley Wilson   

According to a recent webinar by Ad Age and Brightcove, 91 percent of companies consider web video marketing important to their business, but only 67 percent feel that they use online video marketing in an effective way. And it’s not enough to have just a high click-through rate: in order for marketers to get the most bang for their buck when engaged in internet video marketing, focusing on retention is imperative—particularly with Facebook video marketing.

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Vine Grows Up, Lets You Edit and Upload Existing Video

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 | Wired - Matt Honan   

The social video sharing service Vine announced several new online video sharing and video editing tools today designed to make it easier to shoot and edit social media videos from your phone. It also handed out some nice round numbers that don’t reveal much about how many people are shooting Vine videos, but certainly indicate lots of people are watching. Most importantly, it will now let you upload video.

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Marketers Risk Falling Behind The Social Video Trend

Friday, 08 August 2014 | CMO   

Social video marketers are failing to take advantage of the rising social media video marketing engagement opportunities available to them via social video channels such as Vine, Instagram Video and Snapchat, a new report claims.

The Secret Life of Social Video Marketing report produced by Sydney-based advertising agency, The Works, and the University of Technology Sydney, has looked into how Australians are using social media video by analysing more than 3.2 million geotagged images and videos from Instagram and Vine, as well as a survey of 4000 Snapchat users.

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Top 10 Brand Social Videos of Q2

Friday, 08 August 2014 | Luxury Daily - Jen King   

In the second quarter of 2014, luxury social video marketers took new angles to filming social media video campaigns to show lifestyle, heritage and the inspiration behind brand codes and products.

These approaches included new technologies, multiple perspectives and behind-the-scenes videos with a twist. Bringing visual storytelling to new places, social media marketers in the second quarter aimed to engage with consumers while strengthening the allure of luxury brands.

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5 Ways You Should Be Using Vine for Video Marketing

Friday, 08 August 2014 | Reel SEO - Sarah Fama   

Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video application, has proved enormously popular both for users and for social video marketing companies. Savvy brands have already begun to establish themselves on the platform, because social video marketing needs to be where the eyeballs are – even if they’re only there for a few seconds at a time. Here’s how to make those seconds count.

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Why TD Bank's Emotional 'Thank You' Video Is Social Video Marketing Magic

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 | Entrepreneur - Geoff Weiss   

Under normal circumstances, a talking ATM machine would be cause for alarm. But at TD Canada Trust, whose 1,100-plus branches service 11 million customers across Canada, it’s the premise for a viral video campaign that has affirmed the incomparable value of expressing gratitude to your customers.

The video, which currently counts roughly 4 million views on YouTube, was part of a larger social media video marketing initiative dubbed #TDThanksYou in which the company -- for no apparent reason -- decided to thank over 30,000 of its customers last Friday.

Read full article here

Why Brands Should Jump on Tumblr for Social Video Marketing

Tuesday, 05 August 2014 | Reel SEO - Sarah Fama   

Social video marketing on Tumblr for brands could represent the social media equivalent of Oklahoma prairie circa 1889. Microblogging platform Tumblr has flown under the radar since its sale to Yahoo. The social media platform doesn’t disclose its user numbers, but speculators analyzing the Yahoo sale pegged the number of monthly actives in the 30 to 50 million range. Those users, though, were drawing 300 million visitors to the platform each month at that time.

Tumblr may have a smaller user base than FB, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, but its users are dedicated and engaged. The platform provides brands an opportunity to play and experiment in a way that isn’t possible on other platforms. And because it’s a smaller platform, with fewer brands, it’s easier to cut through the noise. So how can brands use Tumblr effectively for social media video marketing?

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6 Second Examples of Effective Vine Marketing Videos

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 | Small Business Trends - Annie Pilon   

Have you tapped into the 6 second visual impact that Vine offers your social video marketing campaigns? Vine, one of the most popular social video sharing platforms in the world, creates an opportunity to use video, the most popular content on the Web, in a very unique way. It combines video with another powerful force in online marketing, social media, by making it short, versatile and very easy to share.

But social video marketing with Vine also creates a unique challenge for brands of all sizes. While the short video can make a powerful impression, it also requires you to boil down your marketing message to just a few seconds.

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World Cup 2014 Round-Up: 8 Social Video Marketing Facts Every Marketer Should Know

Monday, 21 July 2014 | Unruly Media - David Waterhouse   

The World Cup was one of the biggest marketing events in recent history. But which brands triumphed when it came to social video marketing? What kind of video content attracted the most shares? Were there any themes? And what were the video sharing patterns? Well, here are just some of the social video lessons that Unruly thinks every marketer should learn.

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Stealth Video Marketing: How Brands Infiltrate Vine With Product Placement

Monday, 21 July 2014 | Mashable - Kurt Wagner   

Social video marketing isn't a science, and as consumers grow increasingly resistant to traditional forms of advertising, some brands are using the opportunity to take a ride on the coat tails of popular Vine users.

Vine has become one of the most popular video sharing apps on the market, and it has propelled many talented video creators to internet stardom. Now, brands and social video marketers are seeking creative ways to include themselves in their success.

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Why Videos Must be a Part of Your Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

Tuesday, 15 July 2014 | Business2Community - Priyanka Ravani   

Social video marketing is becoming increasingly popular as social media platforms and brands respond to the skyrocketing demand for multimedia content. With social media video marketing, social media platforms can increase the amount of time users spend on their sites, and digital marketers can increase their levels of engagement and interaction.

If you're not incorporating videos in your social media marketing strategy, then you’re in for a treat with this social video marketing infographic. You must have heard this phrase time and again, “Content is the king.” But the truth is content is the glue to your entire social strategy, and it’s not a secret anymore as everyone knows it.

Read full article here

Vine's New "Loop Counts" May Cause Social Video Marketing Deception

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 | ClickZ - Yuyu Chen   

Vine is no stranger to the world of social video marketing. The popular social video sharing app, has developed a number of new features, among them "Loop Counts," a new metric that allows Vine users to observe in real time how popular their social videos are. Vine, the the Twitter-owned video sharing platform, revealed that the new metric updates the number of video viewers who have looped a video, both on the social video sharing platform and and in embeds across the Web.

Although the new feature seems like a step in the right direction towards greater social media video marketing functionalities for Twitter, some social video marketing participants fear that it may also lead to deception.

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Facebook Updates Video Rankings to Include Watch Time

Monday, 30 June 2014 | Reel SEO - Carla Marshall   

YouTube marketers already know about the importance of Watch Time for YouTube search rankings, and now Facebook has updated its own video ranking algorithm to factor in whether a user has watched a video, and for how long. In a blog post, Facebook confirmed that this additional social video metric will be taken into account alongside other already well-known factors including shares, likes, and comments, to determine how video content is presented to users in their News Feeds.

Plainly, Facebook understands the value of social video marketing as they have implemented a video metrics section in Page Insights to give social video marketers and creators more informed data on how their content is performing.

Read full article here
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