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5 ways to spend your video budget wisely
From: iMedia Connection - Rick Corteville | Thursday, 24 May 2012 08:09   
You're pumped like Sammy Sosa in 1998. You're armed with solid research that proves that online video is the bee's knees. And you've got ideas on how to link the investment with other media consumption.

You're unstoppable. What could go wrong? Suddenly, you get the creative from the client or their creative agency. It is one video file -- and a repurposed TV spot at that. As you shake your fist at the sky and curse your misfortune, bring these five recommendations to bear on your next campaign to ensure that the investment of your time and money is well spent.

Shoot once, repurpose five times
In today's marketing landscape, marketers don't have the time or the budget to fund multiple shoots for content creation. So, make the most out of the shoot that you already have scheduled. Whether it's a nationwide TV spot, an internal interview, or even some random B-roll, make the most of the day by bringing along some extra cameras to create additional footage. Presto! What you have now is a potential arsenal of content that can be cut and used for different needs and audiences.

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