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Long-tail Search Marketing: SEO how-to content and videos earn 9% conversion rate
From: Marketing Sherpa - Adam T. Sutton | Thursday, 26 January 2012 11:15   
SUMMARY: People who find your website through a search engine can be highly qualified. This quality can stretch even further when they find you with specific, long-tail keywords.

See how one retailer earned a 9% conversion rate by targeting specific search terms. Find out how the team used highly targeted video and content to grab more real estate on search pages and convinced visitors to purchase.

Some consumers are "do it yourself"-ers. When their dishwasher breaks, they find the broken part, look up the part number, and enter "SparkleWash SW541D" into a search engine to find a replacement.

These types of searches are often called "long-tail." They are used by a small number of people who are looking for something very specific. They can drive highly qualified traffic to a website, and Ali Irani, President, MI Technologies, used them to build his business.

Irani's team sells replacement television parts online. To target long-tail searches, his team created, a site that teaches visitors how to replace specific parts in specific televisions. Once visitors learn how to make repairs, they can click to visit the team's e-commerce site to buy the parts they need.

"There are hundreds of different TVs and they are compatible with about 200 to 250 different part numbers. So we created a matrix between TV models and part numbers and got very specific with our content," Irani says. "If you [search for] 'Samsung' with a model number and 'bulb' or 'lamp,' chances are that you will get a direct hit on one of our pages, particularly a page that is dedicated to that Samsung TV."

Creating these pages earned great results for the team:

  • About 80% of all the site's traffic comes from organic search

  • Visitors spend longer than 5 minutes on the site, on average

  • 9% of visitors to make a purchase

  • 7% of visitors to (the team's e-commerce site) make a purchase

We sat down with Irani to understand how conversion rates like these are possible, and how his team created webpages that attract and convert inbound traffic from long-tail search. Here are the top tactics he highlighted.

Tactic #1. Create helpful, focused webpages

The idea of repairing a television intimidates most people. The goal of is to help consumers overcome this hesitation and build their confidence through how-to content, Irani says.

one of the team's pages is devoted to replacing a lamp in a JVC television. It includes:

  • Video demonstration - A two-and-a-half minutes video demonstrates how to replace the part and is displayed just above the page's fold

  • Images and instructions - Immediately below the video, the page lists more technical information, such as a list of other models the part can be used in. This is followed by step-by-step instructions on how-to replace the part, complete with 14 images

  • "Buy Now" button - At the bottom of the page, visitors can click this button to purchase the product on the team's e-commerce site,

The team has dozens of these pages, each with images and instructions on how to replace a specific part in a specific television. More than 50 of the pages include a video.

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