10 Video Marketing Tips to Take Your Videos from Meh to Amazing

With nearly 80% of U.S. adults watching online videos and glued to the screens of their various devices and with 100 million hours of video watched daily on Facebook alone, it’s clear the medium and phenomenon of video marketing is here to stay.

So-So Videos Won’t Cut It

You may have heard that video marketing is good for enticing people to care about your brand. However, to make people sit up and pay attention, no matter what type of device they may be using or what social platform they may be browsing, your videos need to be downright amazing if you hope to boost loyalty and improve ROI.

Sadly, too many marketers today only publish videos that are meh, and a reaction like that isn’t going to move many needles. It’s said that 72% of marketers want to learn video marketing. Well, marketer, you’re in luck. What follows are 10 tips that can help you take your online masterpieces from meh to amazing.

  1. Plan Meticulously: The majority of successful marketing videos are planned and prepared way ahead of time. The greats create storyboards to help them figure out which shots are necessary. This along with scripts that are written, edited, and approved prior to filming streamline the process and preempt headaches down the road.
  2. Create a Hook: The first 3 to 7 seconds of your video are crucial. This is the time it will take the viewer to decide whether or not to watch your content through to the very end. A hook can be a teaser of the meat of the video to come, or an intriguing question that will be answered by the video’s end.
  3. Go for Exciting Visuals: 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound. When you put emphasis into creating stunning visuals, your audience will be more likely to view your videos with the sound activated. When your viewers turn their sound on, it signals to Facebook that they’re enjoying your content.
  4. Caption Your Videos: Not only will adding captions to your videos make the content more accessible to deaf individuals and those who are otherwise hard of hearing, non-native speakers can also benefit. And remember those viewers who watch videos with the sound off? Captions help you reach them, too.
  5. Optimize for Mobile: Websites aren’t the only online digital assets that should be mobile friendly. With 70% of YouTube videos coming from mobile devices and 26% of all ecommerce videos being watched on mobile phones and tablets, mobile friendly formats are vital. Whenever filming, and especially when adding text, be mindful of those watching on tiny screens. Use text large enough to be read and imagery that translates just as well on smartphones as on desktops and laptops.
  6. Get Personal: A personalized video has shown to increase email conversions by 500%! And auto dealer TriHonda increased their sales by 29% using video personalization. You can make your videos more personal by including the viewer’s name, brand, job title, and other details that make the viewer think the video is all about them. What a way to get someone to pay attention!
  7. Keep It Short and Sweet: For many video ads, 10-15 seconds are all that are needed to achieve more than 50% ad recall. When we’re talking about YouTube, 30-second ads tend to do better than shorter ones. For esellers, 30 seconds also tends to be the sweet spot. Shorter videos (30 seconds or less) tend to have nearly 90% higher conversion rates when compared to longer ones. But don’t just leave your audience hanging with with black space. Keep your viewers wanting more by ending the video just when things are getting good. Use a call-to-action and a link to additional video content or a website where viewers can go to learn more.
  8. Be Informative for a Positive Experience: In 2017 and beyond, you can improve customer loyalty by opting for a superior customer experience. Give as much information to your audience as possible in your videos while also thinking along the lines of customer service and technical support. Do it right and word will spread. 72% of customers reported sharing a positive experience with 6 or more people. This is opposed to the 13% who said they’d tell 15 or more about a bad experience. Put time and effort into your videos to create a seamless experience your viewers will never forget.
  9. Show Real People: Showing actual people from your company gives your brand a face and personality. Other ideas include interviewing thought leaders and giving screen time to customers who can shower you with their raving success stories. Employees can also talk about why they work with you. The possibilities are endless as there is no shortage of people to showcase in your videos for maximum effect.
  10. Make Them Interesting: Whether you’re filming a corporate video, video testimonial, video tutorial, or product review, make the content alluring. Include animation, clips, and music, but only if those elements add to the overall video composition. Above all, focus on telling a story and do your best to add value and innovation in a world dominated by videos. If you can infuse humor into your videos, all the better. The more interesting you make your videos, the more memorable they will be.

What’s Next for Video Marketing?

Analysts predict that 75% of mobile traffic will be dedicated to video by the year 2020 and that for every second that passes, a million minutes of videos will be uploaded to the Internet. That means there’s still time to make your video marketing directing debut. Use these tips and show your audience that you are the Martin Scorsese of online brands starting today.