3 Mobile Video Marketing Distribution Tactics to Get Past Ad Blockers

Ad blocking technologies is not a new thing, but the use of video ad blockers is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. Consumers are turning to and paying for ad blocking software due to poor targeting and a lack of personalised and irrelevant content. In fact, an Accenture survey (1) reveals that “4 in 10 would pay to remove ad interruptions”. This is a worrying trend that is a serious and growing threat to the digital advertising, mobile video marketing, and online publishing industries. Digital Marketers and advertisers are forced to find new ways to get around these defenses.

While this all sounds like doom and gloom, not all is lost, there are many positive ways to get your mobile video messages and content to your audience and connect with them via direct mobile marketing channels.

SMS – A direct and trusted mobile channel

p1SMS marketing and advertising is a powerful yet underutilised tool by communications managers. As “90% of all text messages get read within 3 minutes of being received” (2), you are leaving money on the table by not distributing your video communications with this primary communications channel. Text messaging is a vital tool to bypass ad-blocking technologies on search engines, browsers and web pages. With 4 billion owners of mobile phones from 6.8 billion people on earth (3), the audience reach and opportunity is enormous. SMS like search or programmatic, can increase your qualified leads and sales. With 9 out of 10 mobile searches leading to action and more than 50 percent leading to sales (4), sending SMS with links back to your website or conversion landing pages is a must. Are you still relying on your offline store or sales reps to drive revenue? If so, you should know that 16 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase because of a marketing message – and often after watching mobile videos – they received on their phone. Moreover, half of those who purchased made the purchase from the smartphone itself (5) therefore SMS is a great way to diversify your revenue channels.

Go Mobile and Connect with your Audience on the Go!

Mobile devices, especially phones are integral to the digital and video communications landscape. With increasing busy schedules, reaching your audience at the right time on the go is essential. The smartphone has become the most used technological device in the world and its no wonder with 1.91 Billion smartphone users globally (6). What’s more exciting is that HTML5 and advances in email software have eliminated past difficulties in playing video in email, providing you with greater distribution abilities of email.

Did you know;

  • 48% of millenials only watch videos on their mobile phones (7)
  • Millenials are 3 x more likely than baby boomers to watch a video on their mobile device. (7)

Video Email Marketing Boosts Monthly Revenue by Forty Percent

Those who combined email with video returned a greater ROI by experiencing higher delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates revealed a study by the Relevancy group. The study also found that adding video to marketing emails (1 million message sends) resulted in monthly revenues being 40% higher than those without video and average order values were 10% higher also. Utilising email drives conversion and revenue (8). Check out the benefits of combining video with email.p2

Video Native Ads – Trusted Brand Promotions

Video Native Ads for web video advertising have been very successful in overcoming banner blindness. They blend well into the editorial content of a publishers website, generally used for brand promotion with a call to action of some kind linking back the brand. While native video ads have moved from desktop to mobile, Google’s ad block on adobe flash and Apples recent IOS software changes are making it more difficult to cut through with mobile. Utilising SMS marketing allows advertisers to repurpose and distribute their native video ads in a way that doesn’t directly inhibit or stop a consumer from what an article they were reading on a publishers site, playing a game or making surfing the web. SMS combined with native video ads can increase engagement rates and build customer bonds as SMS is a more trusted and personalised channel of communication.p3

Though ad-blockers may seem like another setback for digital marketers and publishers, it is a mere matter of adaption to more creative. They are here to stay, so rather than fighting them, digitally innovate by engaging mobile marketing channels to attract, capture and engage your target audience with relevant video communications. With the power of the visual message online video combined with text messaging or emails ability to avoid ad-blockers, you can escape the perception of becoming an ‘annoyance’ or ‘intrusion’ in your consumers lives.

Reyhan “Rey” Yesilnacar is Head of Marketing at VidCorp. Rey joined VidCorp in December 2015 with a new business direction to focus on marketing strategy and execution. The past 15 years have seen her drive growth in Australia’s leading start-up success stories, Webjet, iSelect, and MessageMedia. She has extensive experience in search engine; direct and further digital marketing functions and brings a comprehensive array of business management skills to VidCorp. Rey is currently studying a Master of Marketing at Monash University and is due to complete it in 2018.