3 Reasons Why Video Marketing Has Such a Profound Impact on Today’s Consumer

bp1If there is one thing that is always a ‘constant’ in marketing, it is the fact that nothing is ever constant! Marketing always needs to evolve with consumer demand, if it truly is ever going to be effective and video marketing is just one example of how the times have changed. While other forms of online marketing are still important, there is a trend with today’s consumers (Millennials) in which video marketing is one of the most effective strategies for many of reasons.

Now, with the evolution of amazingly entertaining whiteboard videos, a whole new world of web video marketing is evolving that provides numerous options to create very basic to high-end videos that can reach the highly-coveted Millennials in a way that no other type of marketing could ever hope to accomplish. Basically, Millennials love to watch and engage with video content and it is important that your business or organization delivers! Here are three reasons that video is having such a profound impact on consumers today.

1. Video Marketing Is Engaging

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of video marketing is that it is engaging. Today’s consumer wants to be engaged more than any other generation. They don’t want to be preached to and they certainly don’t want to waste their time reading through pages of information, if they can get what they need out of a short 1-2 minute video presentation.

Why? Because they can relate to what is being conveyed in a video, are entertained by videos and are more likely to respond and remember when something is presented visually. They literally ‘get the picture.’

That also is why infographics are so effective. Our brains crave for visual stimulation and infographics are both short and sweet and presented in ways that are understood immediately and because of the underlying principle that a picture is worth a thousand words.


2. Today’s Consumers Are Living at the Speed of Light

Since this is the first generation ever to be born and raised on computer technology, Millennials are used to living at the speed of light. They live life in the fast lane and this is why most schools have begun assigning iPads instead of traditional hardbound textbooks to educate.

Students today don’t want to be bothered flipping through pages of a book when they can simply use the search function on a computer or smartphone to find the same information they are looking for that is presented in a more fun, engaging, easier to digest manner within nanoseconds on a screen that is right in front of them. How convenient is that?

3. Viral Videos Are Proof Positive

If you still have doubts as to just how effective video marketing is, just take a look at the number of videos that have gone viral in the past few years. Believe it or not, many of the most popular videos viewed on the Internet are not just videos of the family pets or kids having fun in the backyard and rather video ads that are entertaining enough to be shared on social media, and before you know it, these video ads ensure that products and brands quickly become household words. An example of a unique style of video used for advertising that is entertaining and effective are animated whiteboard videos.

Why are they so effective? Because, instead of spelling it out a message using many words or a longer form video, whiteboard videos draw out the message in an engaging way as a narrator voiceover gives the background information. Now you have sight and sound working together to create an emotional impact and you have three senses working together simultaneously.

Why Do Whiteboard Animation Videos Work?

To summarize above, video marketing is profoundly impacting today’s consumer and any business – or non-profit, educational institution and organization – would be foolish not to allocate a large part of their marketing budget towards web video production and distribution of video content across all marketing, social media and email channels and onto website and intranet portals.

Good videos just can’t miss!