3 Ways to Manage Video Content Projects for Better Consistency

Consistency is key when embarking on a web video production project. Take a look at today’s most successful YouTubers and video marketing campaigns; you will find one particular thing in common: they are consistent. Not only do they produce video content on a regular schedule, they also maintain a consistent level of quality. Yes, consistency is key in video marketing.

Unfortunately, staying consistent is often easier said than done. It is even more important when you’re relatively new to creating videos and you have limited resources available for producing high quality content. That is why in this article, we are going to talk about how to better manage your video projects for better consistency.

1. Develop a Routine

No one wants to see repetitive content. The audience is always looking for something fresh and interesting to watch. That said, the process behind creating great quality video content could be actually routine.

One of the best ways to be more consistent is to create a routine you actually love. There are a lot of tasks to handle from start to finish. Arranging them into a routine that flows smoothly will help you enjoy the process more; it will certainly make staying motivated a lot easier.

Creating a video production routine also is good for maintaining a high standard of quality. When you already know how to set up the lights and other gear for a video shoot, how to prepare for the shoot efficiently and how to execute postproduction processes in a timely manner, you can focus your energy more on creating the video itself.

And to help you with pre-production processes that should happen before you shoot a video, Flimp Media has a helpful and proven “Six-Step Video Production Process” outline to get you going in the right direction. The process covers where to start, such as video objective, concept and scripting, audio-visual storyboards, actor or voice talent options, and walks you through to video production and post-production editing.

2. Get Help from Video Experts

Another great way to remain consistent is to have help. While video content creation arouses creative thinking, it is easy to get burnt out when you constantly push yourself further. At times, having the help you need is a huge plus. Here are helpful video production resources from The Web Video Marketing Council that will assist on your next project.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of sorting, editing and posting the videos you make when you have someone helping you with these tasks. You can also have an extra cameraman or two for those tricky shots (or for when you have to be in front of the camera).

A lot of content creators are relying on project managers to keep them consistent too. Thanks to things like the masters in project and program management program from top universities such as Brandeis University, we now have a lot of skilled producers and project managers working in this field.

3. Simplify

One last tip you can use when you want to be more consistent is to simplify the video production process. Content is still king; video (and video marketing) is just a delivery method. As long as you have great ideas and appealing key messages to convey, you don’t need complicated special effects or expensive cinema equipment to deliver them. In fact, a simpler approach is often better.

You can still create quality videos with engaging content, but you can get them at a faster and more consistent rate. This – and the previous tips we have covered in this article – will help you maintain the level of consistency needed to succeed in today’s competitive online marketplaces.