3 Ways to Use Video for Your Business Marketing Strategy

Video is now being widely used as a part of businesses’ marketing strategy. It is a new and innovative way to reach out to more people. Especially on the social media platforms, videos stand out among the other types of contents. Videos allow the viewers to have a quick look at products without being overwhelmed with text. Today, in less than a minute, viewers get to have the information they need to decide on a certain product or service. Now we can see how video is a game-changer when it comes to B2B and other online marketing strategies.

bp1With the fast-moving developments of technological tools, it is now easier to create videos costing you the littlest amount. People these days can simply use their smartphones to shoot videos. However, for your business strategy, it is not enough to just make videos. They have to be catchy and interesting, as well as useful. That is the way to maximize its reach. In this article, we will look at three ways on how you can use video for your marketing strategy.

  1. Video Tutorials

A way to get in touch with your audience is through video tutorials (and see example below) where you give them something useful and informative. Don’t think that you are giving away your trade secrets by giving them advice and suggestions. By making video tutorials, you are actually establishing yourself as an expert in your field. This leads your audience to want to know more about what you have to offer in your business.

Video tutorials also provide the potential for a built-in series. You will most likely post a series of how-to videos than just one. Make sure that your tips are indeed useful so that your audience keeps coming back for more.

Here is a simple, educational video tutorial that you can execute for your company in a fun and entertaining way too:

Step-by-Step Video Guide to Scale Your Link Building

  1. Customer-Generated Content

A better technique to relate to the customers is to get them behind the camera. Don’t you know that video content made by the customers get more response than those that are made by the company? So, instead of investing so much time writing the script and producing a catchy video, why not invite your viewers to create one themselves? You can offer them a prize for the one with the best video the showcases the customer using your product. This way, you are sure to get an overwhelming response.

What’s great about contents that are made by the customers is that other people will get to see your customers’ passion for your brand and products. When your audience gets to see that, they will be excited and curious and will most probably give the product a try themselves.

Here is an example of what I mean that you can execute for your company in a fun and entertaining way too:

Fizz Saver – Consumer Generated Video

  1. Short-Form Videos

Social media has been able to transform the way that users online communicate with one another. These days, short and concise statements are preferred than longer content forms. There are even micro-video apps now that has the ability to shorten videos into ten seconds or less which makes them very ideal for sharing on social network platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. In a format like that, the audience can quickly view messages while scrolling through their feeds. Companies can also send their message swiftly and can be seen by a greater number of people. This is especially true for contents shared on Facebook and Vine where the videos are played automatically as the user scrolls through his or her feed.

Here is a VERY POWERFUL and successful example of what I mean these type of videos that are so impactful and that they can quickly spread across the Internet … 7M+ views :

Dove Choose Beautiful | Women all over the world make a choice


A mistake which most of the marketers make is that they create a video that is great but does not attach a call to action. You viewers may be enjoying your message, however, if they do not have any idea what to do after the video ends, then it will be useless. The hard work you have spent on your video ought to encourage your viewers to try what they learned. By the end of your video, they should be able to learn something new and know how to apply it themselves.


Nicolas Finet is the Co-Founder of Sort-list co.uk, an online solution company based in Belgium that that helps all sort of businesses find the right digital marketing agencies. He earned his master’s degree at Solvay Business School and graduated as Cum laude in Business Engineering management with major in marketing. Connect with him on Linkedin.