5 Important Factors Every Video Marketer Must Consider


Online video marketing has become one of the most effective ways ever to reach huge numbers of people who may be interested in what a business or individual has to offer. It’s affordable and anyone can quickly publish one of these promotional videos. However, before you delve further into the world of video marketing, make sure you are aware of each of the important factors mentioned below.

1. Protect Your Video Sharing Accounts

Video sharing websites like YouTube are the perfect places to publish and host your marketing videos. You get exposure to a worldwide audience of individuals and businesses interested in products and services you are promoting. However, like any websites that attract huge numbers of people, there will always be those who will try to cause trouble.

Hacking accounts and phishing are two of the most common problems individuals and businesses with video channels on video sharing websites face. The good news is, you can prevent these problems by not clicking on shortened links, installing antivirus software on your devices, using secure passwords and taking any other precautions you think necessary.

2. Video Copyright and Trademark Infringements

Unfortunately, many people believe they can freely use content and trademarks produced and used by other individuals and businesses. This may not be the case, so you should always ensure that you are allowed to use the content that features in your videos. Getting permission to use certain pieces of content and using public domain content is the best way to achieve this and prevents any legal problems and other difficult situations later on.

3. Web Video Production Quality


First impressions last and this is particularly true when viewers watch an online marketing video. You only get a few seconds to convince a viewer to keep watching your video, so the video quality, audio quality and content have to impress and grab the attention of your potential shoppers and customers immediately. It is best not to skimp to make quality videos … even if you decide to do it yourself!

4. Defamation Issues … Be Factual

Controversial videos are extremely popular and have the potential to go viral. However, if you make claims that are not based on facts, or you name people or businesses in your videos, you could be inviting a whole lot of trouble into your life. Also, avoid mentioning other people or businesses in a negative way and always address in a professional manner any comments that are made about others in comments sections in whatever marketing or social media channels you publish your videos. Tip: If you cannot say something nice about someone or a business then it is probably best not to say anything at all.

5. Video SEO Marketing and Optimization


A video file cannot really be optimized for search engines and for people looking for your type of video. However, the content that surrounds a video in the places you publish it can be optimized. Typical examples include your video listing on YouTube or the blog page or web page you embed your video on. URLs, titles and descriptions are just some of the components of these webpages that you can optimize for specific keywords and phrases, so that your video is easier to find. Here are tips for video SEO you can find on this site.

Large numbers of marketers and businesses are using video marketing to great effect. You can achieve the same positive results for your business or clients, but make sure you address each of the points made above first.