5 Reasons Why Analytics Systems Are So Important to Video Content Marketing

Are you using an analytics system to track and analyze your general and video content marketing activities? If not, you need to start doing this as quickly as possible. Installing an analytics system is not as complicated as it sounds and you will quickly benefit. Below are five main reasons why tracking analytics systems are so important to content marketing.

1. You Understand Your Market Better

World-wide large and small businesses have a deep understanding of their marketing efforts regardless into which channels they market such as email, social media, website, blogs, ad retargeting, and SEO and SEM to name a few. Every content marketer should take the same approach and the latest analytics systems allow you to do this.

Every action carried out by viewers to you website or channel marketing to shoppers on your website should be recorded so you know where these people are geographically located, what time of day they viewed, what type of key word and phrases they used to find your website, what marketing and social media channel they found your content, and what devices, browsers and operating systems they used to access your online content. These metrics are important because they give you a snapshot of each viewer and also how successful marketing channels are performing so that you can better market in them in the future to increase conversion rates and turn leads into sales.

However, it can take a little time to get up to speed with these analytic systems and you or someone who works on your content marketing campaigns should enroll in an analytics course like the online MSA degree offered by Villanova University. An MSA degree online course like this will provide you with all of the necessary skills and inform you about the tools you need to analyze your content marketing data in a much more professional manner.

2. You Can Improve Your Processes and Content

You should aim to continually improve the way you produce content and videos and improve the quality of the content published. This includes optimizing content and publishing the exact type of content potential customers and shoppers want to see and learn about. Viewing your analytics reports on a regular basis gives you the information required to make these essential improvements to your content and processes to market the content.

3. You Can Forecast and Plan More Effectively

After about three to six months of recording the events that take place on a website and marketing channels engagement patterns emerge. The metrics provided on this engagement means you can prepare more effectively in the future by learning about what happened in the past from your analytics data. For instance, it becomes easier to prepare for seasonal events like Christmas and other shopping periods because you have the data available from the previous festive season, if you track data from the prior year seasonal marketing efforts.

4. You Can React Quicker to Market Desires

In other situations, sudden or unexpected events take place online all of the time that effect a business. These can be good and bad events and you need to know how to respond. Today’s analytics systems record reactions to online events in real-time and you can often track how people are responding to these events via analytics systems. In turn, this means you can react to live events taking place on your website and marketing and social media channels where you have your analytics tracking codes installed.

5. You Avoid Guesswork

When you use an analytics system, it records real-life data so you know exactly how people are interacting with and reacting to your data. This allows you to make more accurate and informed decisions based on facts rather than guesswork.

If you use an analytics system properly, you can improve the results of your content marketing activities. It may take some time to learn how to use this type of system and introduce it into your business, but all of this effort is worth it in the end.

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By Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google