5 Tactics To Creating Incredible Instagram Video Content Without Burning Your Fingers

You want to forge ahead with Instagram videos to gain social media success. But you hit a snag, as you don’t have the required resources, budget and technical expertise to do the job. Well, it doesn’t mean the end of the world, and you need to realize that such roadblocks are temporary.

There are many creative and dazzling Instagram videos available online, but your hopes get destroyed because of the budgeting problems. Don’t feel intimidated. There are various tricks and tips you can employ to create noteworthy and best video content that gives you the required number of followers and likes, video views can help you get more social media success. Let’s check the tactics –

  1. Have A Clear Goal

Just before you dive into the video production project, think what your goals are. What are you trying to achieve with your Instagram video? Depending on your goal, the overall aesthetic and tone of the video will change.

b1(Increasing Instagram Engagement)

If you are trying to give insights about the unique work culture of your firm, then it is great. Go ahead take your phone and begin to shoot the video. Such kind of videos must not be overproduced, and you need to outline what you need to achieve, just like increasing the engagement of your profile. Just keep in mind that the goal that you select must be achievable for the brand.

  1. Light Up The Shooting

It is not necessary that you have the best and top-of-the-line lighting equipment, just to look great on the camera. But there are certain and basic lighting tips you need to follow. Make sure to avoid shooting videos below the overhead lighting. This will lead to creating ‘raccoon eye’ shadowing.

If there is natural light, embrace it. Make sure to take photos and video(s) near the window and keep the light in front of you not behind.

b2(Taking Photos)

You can become crafty if you feel that the subject is harsh because of the light setup. In such case, you can create soft light by bouncing the source of the light from a surface.

  1. Capture Your Footage

Concerning shooting your footage, there are certain tips you have to keep in mind. It is important that you incorporate the best practices in your Instagram videos, and you will be on your way to becoming successful. One particular aspect you need to keep in mind is to diversify the shots. Like any video, you need to mix up the shots to gain the attention of viewers.

Another necessary practice is to show but not tell. If you are a marketer, you must have heard this phrase. Just like writing an essay or a blog post, you must be creative, so that you can paint a vivid picture in the minds of readers. And this rule is applicable for all Instagram videos. Also, trust your judgment. While shooting the video of your company culture, feel free to take some liberties in steadying the shots. Just walk around with the phone and try to capture the best shots without caring about stabilization.

  1. Editing

Once you have all the required footage together, the next step is editing. If you don’t have an expensive editing tool on your PC or laptop, don’t fret. You don’t get a seamless experience when you are editing videos on Instagram applications. So, if you are going to stitch footage together or opting for a quick trim, then you can edit the footage on third-party apps.


Some of the useful editing apps are iMovie, Splice, Magisto, and Vidlab. The advance feature of iMovie is that it allows you to access your movies through iCloud, and this is beneficial for sharing and pulling your work from multiple sources. The Splice tool has cool features like video splicing, text overlay and sound effect functionality.


The Magisto is a free tool and one of the powerful editors used for creating professional videos. The Vidlab is one of the best editors for social platforms, and you can add photos to your video, sound effects, filters, and install your own font which matches your brand.



  1. Adding Creativity With Tools

To add creativity to your videos, there are various online tools. Android users can use TimeLapse, which brings extensive creativity to your videos. For iPhone users, they have the feature of recording time-lapse videos. For getting access to the time-lapse feature on iPhone, you need to just open your camera app and swipe to the feature.


Wrapping Up

Frankly, any business can take advantage of videos on the Instagram platform. And it is just matter of experiments. Also, keep in mind that your techniques must be varied; making it easy for you to identify which kind of video works the best. Just follow the above-given practices and you will be on the track to become successful in no time.

Author Bio:

Sandra Christie, a writer for iDigic, has several published articles about social media that talk about general improvement of your social feed, and get more brand presence using it.