6 Important Elements to Implement When You Produce a Marketing Video

The way businesses market online has changed dramatically in recent years and online video marketing is one of the main reasons this has happened. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach a huge audience and inform them about your business, your products and your services. Below are six important factors you should consider when you create a web video production and publish marketing videos online and through social media channels.

1. Provide Value

Huge numbers of people go online to find information. When you decide to create a marketing video, you have to get inside the heads of your target audience and understand their needs, wants and fears. Your online video has to respond to these needs, wants and fears, so that your viewer can relate to you and your business. Some videos educate, some shock and others entertain to achieve this objective.


2. Optimise the Content Around Your Video

A video by itself is difficult to optimise for the search engines. However, you can optimise the content that surrounds a video placed on your website, social media page or video sharing channel. Typical components that you can optimise are the keywords associated with your video including the webpage URL’s, titles, descriptions and meta tags. If you are unsure about how to optimise webpages in this way, it may be a good idea to hire the services of optimisation specialists like those found at www.thewebsitegroup.co.uk.

3. Sound and Vision Quality are Essential

The production quality of your marketing video says a lot about your organisation. A video that uses poor quality images and poor sound quality won’t impress viewers. Hiring a professional videographer, who knows what they are doing may cost money, but it will enhance your online reputation and send more leads, potential shoppers, and customers to your business after they have viewed your high-quality marketing videos.

4. Story Telling Is a Must

If possible (please try), tell a story. This is a VERY effective way to grab the attention of people who watch your video and makes online video viewing a memorable experience. The story you tell can be as simple as telling them how you started from humble beginnings to becoming a successful company, case studies of people you have helped in the past, or how people are using your product and/or services to solve a problem. There are always ways to tell a good story using video, so just do it!

5. Be Concise and Make It Easy to Understand

Online viewers don’t have time to watch long, drawn out marketing or promotional videos. Make sure your video gets to the point quickly and only include vital information about your business and its products and services. 30-90 (max) seconds is arguable the best length. This content should be presented in a clear, easy to understand format. Using bullet points and images strategically with a good voiceover are effective methods to accomplish this.

6. Call to Action

Every marketing video should have one main objective. For instance, you may want a viewer to phone your business, email you, subscribe to an email list or visit your website. This call to action should be a prominent feature in your video. Often people ask for a person’s email address at the start to gain access to viewing a video and others ask the viewer to click a button to learn more in the middle or end of the video. However you create a call to action, never lose out on the opportunity to ask your viewer to take an action that is helpful to them and you! Asking for their mail address is a way to stay in touch for future special offers and to build your lead list, and asking them to click a strategically placed and helpful button to learn more about a product or direct them to the opportunity to buy now will only help your viewer. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone to take a logical next step with you, as they are watching your video for a reason. It’s okay to ask … just don’t be overbearing about it while they are watching your video. Make the call to action subtle and easy to use. Don’t worry people will see the call to action and click and, if not, they at least will remember that you were not annoying.

Unfortunately, many people don’t follow the tips above when they produce an online marketing video and wonder why their efforts fail. Following these tips will ensure that more people watch your videos and your viewers take the appropriate actions before, during and after watching them.