6 Must Do Tips To Creating Create Convincing Marketing Videos

Marketing can be considered an art. It is not easy to attract new customers and there are multiple online methods used in order to do that. However, visual techniques have always been appreciated, as they can easily attract the customers’ attention.

Videos are a bit more complex, but they are definitely one of the best ways of promoting a business. Nevertheless, before you start creating marketing videos, there are a couple of things that you should know.

1. Make Your Video Interesting & Fun

Viewers won’t watch something that is boring so it is important to capture viewer’s attention right away. Try to think about a story and do not be afraid to use some humor. Remember that the video should be entertaining, or at least interesting and don’t think only about promoting your product.

If it goes well with your brand you can even consider including something naughty. However, don’t exaggerate, it is always important to know your limits and what will be allowed to be seen across the Internet in all countries.

2. Don’t Make Your Video Too Long

If a video is too long, most viewers won’t even press play. No one is willing to spend 10 minutes looking at a video (let alone 5 minutes) especially since most people often are browsing for online content for fun. Therefore, they will look for something short and interesting.

3. Make Sure Videos Work on Mobile Phones

Most users use mobile devices to get online since they can use them anywhere. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your video is mobile friendly. There is plenty of data that shows the increase of mobile-video consumption, so mobile users should be your target audience.

You can think about adding subtitles for those who do not have their headphones with them, for the hearing impaired, and for people who prefer the volume off if they in offices viewing videos. Oh yes, and you can use a square format for your videos to ensure that they show well on any mobile device.

4. Edit Videos In An Interesting Way

Do not underestimate how important it is to edit your videos properly. Adding the right music can enhance the mood and make the customers feel inspired. It is not that difficult to edit a video professionally, and you can even do it on your own, using tools that allow you to create marketing videos.

5. Think About The Video Title

When you post your video, you should add a catchy title. The title is the first thing that a viewer will see and it might determine whether someone will play the video. Make sure that the title is related to the content. Also, use important keywords in the tile and description that will help with organic SEO search across any Internet browser such as IE 11, EDGE, EDGE+, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Do a bit of research to see which keywords you can use in order to boost views. Here’s an example of a good article related to using Keywords for SEO.

6. Create Tutorial Videos

A tutorial video might be more helpful than you think. These type of videos show your customers how to use a certain product or service and other viewers can see how easy it is to use your product or service; they might be convinced into buying it!