6 Reasons to Start Shooting 360-Degree Videos


It’s rare that we’re so excited about a tech development, but 360-degree video is transforming the marketing landscape, allowing companies to create innovative experiences that really resonate with target audiences. Here are a few reasons why we think you should start shooting 360° videos, now.

  1. 360° videos showcase your product in a brand-new way

One of the first brands to see the potential of this technology was Nescafé, using it to demonstrate how their coffee was produced. They explained the production process from collection to roasting, taking viewers on an engrossing journey alongside Brazilian farmers.

  1. 360° videos are magical

Bored of the same video content? You’ve probably heard that the future of digital media is in virtual reality, so it’s no surprise that 360-degree video is going to play a huge part in this. 360 is both exciting and otherworldly. It can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality device, especially when combined with a nifty cardboard headset. Want an example? VR and nature conservation were combined beautifully in this short film, as a fisherman and his son take you on an amazing journey under the sea.

All this magic isn’t for nothing, because 360 video is already outperforming conventional video in some cases…

  1. 360° videos perform better

A recent Google study revealed how 360 videos motivate viewers to watch for longer, interact more, and can achieve higher click-through rates. Viewers not only spend longer watching 360-degree videos, but are 42% more likely to share this content, too. What does this mean for your video marketing? Simple: 360-degree is a sensible investment. This new technology can transform panoramic views and your approach to content marketing.

  1. 360° videos benefit your customer

It’s not just your brand that benefits. 360-degree video takes ‘try before you buy’ to a whole new level. You can take your customers to the destination and inspire them with incredible holiday ideas before they’ve even left the country. On World Environment Day, LG used 360-degree video to showcase some of the world’s most stunning cultural landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China. Some holiday providers are already using 360 degree video to show customers what they’re missing – you could too.

  1. 360° videos make you stand out from the crowd

Want to outperform your competitors? 360-degree video could put you ahead of the curve. With an increasing trend towards VR and immersive experiences, and more and more of us accessing video content online, it makes sense to try out different approaches. An extraordinary Facebook 360 video by Frontline shows poverty in rural Somalia in a dynamic and shocking new way. Proving that 360 enables you to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard.

  1. 360° videos are perfect for telling a story

We know that storytelling taps into human emotions, and is a tried and tested way to improve your marketing. The benefit of using 360 video is that the emotions become more intense, and it enables your viewers to truly see the message you’re trying to send out. Google used this beautifully, to show viewers around the world what it’s like spending a day in the life of a favela in Rio.

2016 has certainly been the year of video marketing and we can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring. Instead of guessing, why not invest in 360-degree video for your business and steal a march on the competition? I’m sure you can find the perfect angle to make it work for you.

Author: Jon Mowat is the MD of Hurricane, specialists in 360-degree video production. Connect with Jon on LinkedIn.