6 Tweaks to Give Video Marketing the Advantage

Once restricted to only companies with wealth and access, utilizing video content to promote your brand is now a widely available strategy. In addition, the ubiquity of this technology puts pressure on companies to adapt or suffer the consequences of their reticence.

The advantages offered by video marketing are many, largely due to increasingly sophisticated mobile technology. With high-powered tools for video content creation and consumption in the palm of your hand, the power once reserved for multimedia conglomerates is now a fixture of everyday life.

Do It Right

While the use of video has unparalleled attention-grabbing potential, you still want to take time to make sure you’re doing it well. If you’re using video content to explain a product or service, make sure it’s explained clearly and thoroughly. A common complaint among consumers of video advertising is insufficient explanation of the product in question.

While video obviously interacts with the visual sense, keep in mind that audio is also very much a factor. If you make sure the video is optimized on both fronts, it takes fuller advantage of the potential the medium has to offer.

Your video marketing strategy is also a good opportunity to make use of data analytics. Using this info allows you to target a specific audience or to cross-pollinate with business partners, which in theory means fewer funds wasted on uninterested consumers. However, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the legality of data analytics and avoid scandals like the one that has plagued Facebook.

Reaching the Masses

Becoming competent at video content creation does more than just spruce up your homepage. If you specialize an arm of your marketing strategy to be a YouTube presence, you can take advantage of the 800 million users that frequent the site each month.

If you think your brand is better suited for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, these avenues pass along benefits to savvy video content creators as well. Videos increase rates of interaction, which then improve rankings within platforms. In fact, a visual post on Facebook gets twice the likes compared to plain text. Build momentum this way and you can build your following to a surprising size in just a few months.

Building Trust

Conversion rates and sales are predicated on trust with the customer base. If you let people come to you on their own by offering something of exceptional value, it creates a better dynamic than pestering people with spam.

Video content is especially effective at building trust since it can stoke people’s emotions. If you present your brand as practical and trustworthy, you can start to garner favor over competitors that fail to do so. If there’s overlap in consumership, you can partner with online personalities or brands with loyal fan bases and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Another way to engender trust is via use of promotional content. As long as products are framed in a conversational context, prospective buyers will be further enticed. This approach is superior to incessant spamming or an overbearing demeanor.

The Mobile Advantage

The nature of video lends itself to consumption on mobile devices. Mobile marketing also opens the possibility of improved levels of service excellence. Integrating a mobile-friendly aspect to your marketing allows for a chance to get a competitive edge over brands that are slow to employ the technology.

Communication with customers via mobile devices allows for a more consistent connection and improved chances for following up, repeat business, and improvements. Companies are essentially granted an uninterrupted line of communication with customers, allowing for a relationship to flourish. Studies show mere exposure facilitates both familiarity and preference.

Explanation and Demonstration

Whether you have a product you think is intuitive or relatively complicated, video allows for unmatched clarification. In 30 seconds of video, you can show what might otherwise take an entire pamphlet to explain. The easier a concept is for consumers, the more likely they’ll take a shot on your product.

Since consumer attention spans are shorter than ever before, video is looking less like a tool and more like a necessity. Life for consumers is busy and riddled with sensory overload, so you need to make yourself appropriately compelling to compete.

Social Sharing

In 2015, an estimated 60% of social media marketers employed video content, with 73% planning to do so in the following year. As these numbers rise, you can bet social media users will share their experiences with given products and services. However, this also puts pressure on you to make sure customers are happy.

An account of an unpleasant customer experience can spread like wildfire on social media, so keen businesses take measures to maintain damage control.