B2B Product Videos and Demos: Top Tips for Value & Engagement

Video is the perfect medium for demos and explainers. Creating product demonstrations is a great way to raise the profile of your B2B products and brand. To succeed as a B2B video marketing content creator, you should focus on creating valuable, quality resources that people are likely to share. Here are some top B2B video tips to help you create great product videos and demonstrations- and not a cheesy clichés about “OMG can you believe it” in sight!

See a B2B product videos as a marketing opportunity

A product demonstration video will impact how people view your brand; it’s your customers giving you and your products a test run.

Customers might be checking out your videos before they make a purchase decision, or watching them to get acquainted with their new purchase during the warranty period.

Product videos are part of your business’s marketing platform and a vital place to build brand relationships. Whether you’ve got loads of product videos, or just the one, make sure they’re saying the right things about your brand.

  • Professionalism: Shoot the video in good lighting and edit it so that it flows well. Cut out any waffling or moments of indecision– shoot it many times if you have to. Better to do it a few times and come out with the product you want, than having to reshoot the whole thing again sometime soon.
  • Expertise: Don’t just give a superficial rundown of the product – display all the different functionalities in-depth. If you’ve got the budget – spread out your product videos across different formats and lengths, including shorter teaser videos and in-depth explainers.
  • Usage: Where is the product or service going to be most useful? Has your audience really understood its potential? Ask your clients what they do with theirs if you don’t know!
  • Unique: How unique are your product and service benefits– what makes you stand out from your competitors and why? Tell it to them straight.
  • Personality: What tone best matches your brand? Not sure? Just think of your audience– are you selling to office managers or solicitors?

Here are some great product video examples, and online marketing videos here, to get you thinking out of the box with your online videos!

Setting the right tone and finding your purpose

Setting the right tone will help you create a meaningful connection with people.

  • It’s important to have the right people in front of the camera: their confidence, intonation and personality will have a big impact on how people connect with you.
  • Think about whether you want your video to be more of an explainer, demonstration or showcase. Do you want people to go away knowing exactly where they change their settings, or have a more general idea of different product applications? Can these separate product goals be made into different videos? Sage has a whole series of videos on their YouTube channel detailing how businesses can use their accounting software. They cover specifics like bank feeds and RTI submissions and are a useful content library for time-poor business owners.
  • Setting will help you communicate the right message. Convey positive brand values and set the video at the heart of your organisation or somewhere inspiring that fits in with whom you are.
  • Do you want to be sensationalist or more matter of fact? Think about the overall style of the video, including music, visuals and copy. You don’t want to look like one of those tired TV sales channels (unless you’re going for the ironic angle of course).

Video techniques for product videos

  • A 3D logo can be a great way to brand your videos, but don’t go overboard and over-brand your videos. Too much branding will detract from your video and annoy the user.
  • You might want to slow things down to show how a product is working (like this cleaning demo video from Restorative Techniques).
  • Or, you might want to speed things up, or use time-lapse for something a bit quirky (this wood artist uses time-lapse videos to show people how his woodcarving creations come to life).
  • Animations can add a bit of personality and are not as expensive as they once were.
  • Don’t forget the importance of sound and music in creating atmosphere.

Product videos as part of your content strategy

Product videos should be part of your content strategy and integrated with the rest of your service offering.

  • Create a whole series of product videos to whet people’s appetites and tie your videos to seasonal events or tent-pole marketing activities.
  • Optimise product videos for SEO and shares. Running an online store? Embed them on product pages.
  • Use the videos as part of the customer experience and share them in confirmation emails. See them as business tools to fend off phone calls and enquiries about how something works. Make sure customer services know how to access, use and share the videos.

Product video pitfalls

Here are seven business marketing pitfalls you’ll definitely want to avoid. They could be very expensive mistakes to make!

Here’s what you don’t want to be doing for your explainer product video:

  • Make anything look too ‘stock video’
  • Have bad lighting, sound or camera quality
  • Create videos that are not optimised with the right keywords
  • Have videos that don’t also effectively ‘sell’ your products and brand

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