Become a WVMC Guest Contributor

We’re looking for thoughtful and insightful guest bloggers to contribute to the Web Video Marketing Council’s blog! Writing a blog post for WVMC is a great way to get more exposure for yourself or your business. Our blog posts can also be included in our weekly newsletter that has over 10,000 subscribers. All we ask is that the content be original and relevant to our video marketing and production audience.

Video marketing, social video marketing, video advertising, and video communications, in their many forms, have taken off the past few years. There is much to learn and the industry is evolving. We invite you to contribute your insights, experiences, and know-how to our network of Internet sites. If you would like to be a WVMC guest contributor, please see process below. We look forward to learning from you!

Benefits of guest blogging on the Web Video Marketing Council blog

  • Our blog reaches a global audience of thousands each month – it’s a great place to gain exposure.
  • Guest blogging builds credibility – getting published on our blog, a top industry website, indicates to the video marketing community that you are an expert in your field.
  • More inbound links to your website – guest blogging is a great way to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Your social media presence will grow as well.
  • It’s a great way to network.

To contribute guest content that is educational in nature to the WVMC please do the following:

  1. review other article posts HERE before you write: 
  2. write an educational and informative article about using video for marketing, sales, advertising, communications, and “other”. Please do not promote your business or products, as the article is to help others learn. If you’d like to “promote”, please see below opportunities.
  3. include 1-2 images and, if you want to reference a video, provide embed code to the video so we can host it
  4. include up to four outbound links within article to assist in making your point
  5. keep article to less than 800 words
  6. include your name, title, and links to your organization, company website, social media site, and your LinkedIn profile, as applicable
  7. email your content to for editorial review and approval

Guest articles will appear on these pages: WVMC home page; WVMC Blog page ; and WVMC LinkedIn discussion.

For those wishing to promote their company, organization, products and services please do the following:

  • If you would like to post “marketing articles” about your company, products, and services and/or purchase advertising space on this website, we offer an ad/sponsorship program to support these type of posts for a small fee.  Please email for ad/sponsorship rates for marketing articles.
  • Then follow processes above to create similar content, as above, but tailored to marketing as you desire

We welcome your guest blog posts and articles – thanks for participating!