What Can You Learn from Popular YouTube Video Stars?

YouTube marketing generates billions of views. Teenagers love it and even adults are starting to take an interest in the kooky, online world of viral YouTube video stars. To the uninitiated, YouTube is difficult to understand. There are millions of videos posted on the social media platform, some of which are, to be frank, deeply weird. Yet many of the biggest YouTube personalities have built a huge fortune on the back of their online brand, so clearly businesses have a lot to learn about the benefits of YouTube marketing.

Most businesses understand the importance of creating a great website, and with easy to use website builders available you have no excuse for not having an online presence today. However, video marketing on YouTube is a different kettle of fish. To the uninitiated, video marketing can be bit overwhelming. After all, besides recording a product demo, what on earth is there to say? And what happens if your face is best suited to radio and not video?

The good news is that video marketing is easier than you think and it’s fun!

High Profile YouTube Stars

YouTube stars earn a lot of money from their high-profile antics. Some of the most famous, such as top YouTube stars PewDiePie and Zoella, have tens of millions of subscribers to their channel. Most businesses would sell their grannies for that level of online popularity. It has taken time for these stars to build up such a following, so you can’t expect to achieve overnight success. There are also other factors to take into consideration, so here’s what you need to know if you want to smash it on YouTube this year.

Be Yourself

You need to be authentic, if you want to achieve a loyal audience on YouTube. Viewers can spot fake people a mile off, be yourself at all times. You can buy views but can’t buy viewers’ affections.

The top YouTube stars are engaging and relatable. The audience feels a connection with them. Many of the stars have a great sense of humour and are not afraid to laugh at themselves. Most business video marketing is heavily edited, so it lacks spontaneity. Try to avoid filtering your videos. Instead, go for a more authentic output.

Keep it Lean

Business brands tend to make video production and creation complicate. Don’t do this. Umpteen different people often are involved in the creative process, from marketing gurus to community managers. This is a huge mistake. Try to create explainer videos in-house where possible, as this will ensure a more authentic feel. And, try a few tests with your smart phone and have fun with explaining your product in real time. You will be amazed that the visual quality of the video is quite good and, with practice, your B2B video marketing videos will be authentic.

Work with Your Audience

Popular YouTube stars know how to make their fans feel invested. They listen to their viewers’ feedback and use it to influence what they do for their next video production. This creates a more engaging viewer experience. You have to talk to your audience to know how well your content is being received. Good or bad, listen to what they say.

From a video marketing perspective, viral video content is worth its weight in gold. Create a popular YouTube channel for your business and use this to build a successful brand. It will be money well spent.