Effective Ways of Using Video in an E-commerce Business

Video is something that is quickly becoming a preferred way of consuming entertainment and information. You can find videos on just about anything whether it be the history of North America or an old concert from your favorite musical artist. In light of this, businesses are embracing video and finding ways to use it to their advantage. Seeing as videos can serve so many purposes, it’s proving to be effective for many. Online businesses especially can use it as a powerful tool to reach preferred audiences and brand themselves. Here are a few effective ways of using video if you run an e-commerce business.

Personal Connection

If you want to connect with a customer or prospective customer personally, video is a fantastic way of doing so. It gives you the opportunity to convey strong and powerful messages using imagery, audio, and human interaction. This is what often makes people feel the human side of businesses or brands as well. Not only can it help provoke strong emotions, it can be used as an effective tool for storytelling, which is great since people often love communicating through storytelling.  

In-Depth Product Descriptions

When a customer visits a site ready to shop, one of the first things they do is look through the products being sold. In a physical store, they’d be able to ask questions about the product, but online, their decisions will likely be based on what they see and the information you give them. In this respect, video can be used to shed light on products and give in-depth descriptions or demos regarding how to use them.

If you’re producing and selling your own products, you could create videos regarding the manufacturing process to emphasize elements such as quality or environmental friendliness. In the same respect, if you’re using dropshipping with Shopify, although you aren’t manufacturing and storing products, you can still use video to describe your products by posting reviews from happy customers.

Improve Your Visibility in Search Engines

Video can do wonders for SEO, so this is an incentive to use video in an e-commerce business. Seeing as YouTube is the second-largest engine in the world, Google apparently places a higher value on inbound links from their site. Think about creating your own or curating relevant existing videos to your site to improve SEO. Overall, video is seen as rich and quality content by search engines, so including them as part of a media mix on your site can make it more valuable in search engines.

Alternative Marketing

Since people are highly visual creatures, videos are a great tool for marketing. You should, therefore, think about how you can use it to connect with your prospective customers online. It could mean using video to talk about your brand and what you do creatively and interactively. They may also be an effective addition to marketing campaigns for a new product you’re launching. Also, viral videos are quite popular now as they can come across as either funny, intriguing, or brilliant.

Video is such a multifunctional tool, especially in the world of business. It’s left to you to find the best uses for them and to be open to trying different things. The examples mentioned above are great places to start.