Embrace the Power of Storytelling for Better Video Marketing

Video marketing currently accounts for 74 percent of all web traffic and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Around half a billion people watch videos on Facebook each and every day, so if you haven’t already embraced the power of video, your business is likely missing out on potential sales.

However, not all video is created equal. Human brains are hardwired to pay attention to stories and businesses are increasingly leveraging this fact to their advantage. Embracing the power of storytelling is easy to do and can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Greater Engagement

According to research conducted by Playbuzz, while the average dwell time on a regular article is only 15 seconds, articles that include video have an average dwell time at least seven times greater. In addition, articles and video that include storytelling elements further increase dwell time.

No matter what products or services you sell or how you market them, the use of storytelling techniques can provide a boost. For example, BigCommerce makes it easy to add video to your store providing further opportunity to use storytelling to enhance customer experience.

If you truly want to make the most of the opportunities BigCommerce provides and ensure you’re implementing the best possible marketing strategies that will lead to increased sales, it’s a good idea to employ the services of a leading agency such as Eventige.com that has access to experts in the field of BigCommerce development and marketing who are able to overcome any challenge you might encounter.

Go Behind the Scenes

Let people take a peek into what goes on behind the curtain. Incorporating this kind of video can provide insight into the care and control your company puts into its products and this can be hugely beneficial to public perception of your brand.

If you’re already sold on the power of storytelling but not keen to front such efforts yourself, there are plenty of alternative ways to ignite your online presence without putting yourself front and center. Apps such as Flipagram, Spark Video and Animoto all let you create animated videos in a matter of minutes. By using such tools to tell engaging stories, you can market your business, promote your website, and boost your brand awareness all at the same time.

Use Testimonials 

Let your customers do the work for you by sharing their best stories. Using video that features members of your staff can help to humanize your company but sharing similar stories from those who have purchased your products or services can take this one step further by showing positive interactions between your firm and members of the public. Such positive experiences will show that you have high standards of customer service and this will, in turn, drive more consumers towards your brand.

Make a Foray into Fiction

Don’t limit yourself to factual content. Think back over some of the most memorable advertising campaigns of all time and think of how many of them centered around a fictional story. You don’t need to create the next Hollywood blockbuster—the simple combination of a compelling storyline and good actors can do wonders for your brand, even on a limited budget. The key is to develop a truly engaging story.