A Guide to Choosing Your Animated Web Video Tactic

Once you have made the encouraging decision to invest in an animated web video, there are still some more tough choices to be made. What style or approach you settle on will have a significant impact on the brand image you convey and the success of your video.

If you’re struggling to make these key decisions, then there are some important things you can bear in mind to help you on your way.

Animation Technique

Firstly, your choice of animation technique should not be based purely upon your favourite style or nostalgia of your favourite childhood cartoon. Each style actually has diverse strengths, some of which will serve your objectives more effectively.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation – also known as video scribing – is ideal for making detailed explanations.

While all animation techniques can share information far more efficiently than text, whiteboard is often the best choice if your message is complex. This is because the quick-draw hand illustrates the narrative just like a teacher does. This human touch helps viewers to engage, while the association of this style with learning also plays an impact.

But don’t be fooled into thinking whiteboard video is dull. That’s far from true. The great thing about animation is that you can integrate anything you want into this video to make it innovative and inspiring.

Even an entirely simplistic video, such as this one for the Natural History Museum, can bring rise to powerful emotions and successfully inform the viewer. It is also likely to be retained in their memories, which is key when you’re imparting new information.

[insert video: http://www.qudos-animations.co.uk/natural-history.html]

Traditional whiteboard video – where the scriber is being filmed in real-time – is still a chosen style for some businesses; however, the majority of the time, digital video scribing is a better option. This is more practical, less time-consuming, and less costly.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can also be effective at explaining things – whether you want to show how your product is used, or how it differentiates from others.

Often, this animation technique is best for telling an engaging story – particularly if you wish to include several characters and more detailed images (though minimalist motion graphics videos can be very effective too).

Motion graphics is a common style for companies who wish to tell the story of how their brand came about. This could be fantastical or it might be entirely factual. The point is that the story is like that of TV animations we are so used to. These keep us engaged, often without us even realising we are learning.

Your choice of 2D or 3D animation and the extent of detail to include will depend on your desired brand image and your animated video budget.

Apart from that, your imagination is your only boundary. So get those ideas flowing.

Stop Motion

Stop motion can also be used to creatively tell a story; though, it is also often used purely to draw viewers in. Stop motion animations could be made with absolutely anything – from food to people. The traditional style just involves a lot of time and patience to move and film your objects to create the desired effect.

As with whiteboard video, this technique can also be computer generated. This culminates in a slightly different style and final effect to traditional stop motion. Here is a fantastic example of origami in 3D computer generated stop motion. The story of Asics is made inspiring not only through the narration but also the highly creative illustration.

[insert video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdCbC6392so]

Fit with Your Brand and Objective

Your choice of animation technique should be made in conjunction with your style choices. The overall style and tone of your animated video will say a lot about your brand, and will also impact on the reaction it attracts.

Introducing Your Product and Brand

When introducing a new product, or taking a new approach to promoting your brand, there are a variety of ways to appeal to your audience.

Knowing your industry and target consumer inside and out will help you decide on the best tactic towards boosting conversions.

Whether you go for the “problem and solution” explainer animation, the “user story”, or a totally abstract story, an animated video can significantly help to raise awareness of your offering.

These can take on any style and generate all kinds of emotions, which present brand image and appeal. You might go for humorous and light-hearted if you’re trying to make your brand of razors stand out, or you could aim for sophisticated and detailed for a new, innovative model of car.

If your product or service is complex, you have a USP to show off, or you want to make core values clear, then these are good reasons to present an informative message. Animation provides an opportunity to do this clearly and engagingly.

An Innovative Use of Animation

Another option is an animated product demonstration. In fact, this is even an option for products that do not exist yet. This is one of the fantastic things about animation – you can demonstrate absolutely anything.

Architects and other product designers make use of animation not only to show people around a product that doesn’t yet exist, but also to provide a scaled down (or up) 3D view of it.

Even marketers of virtual services make use animation’s innovative qualities. Explaining a cloud storage service can be far more engaging in this way. You can be transported to different global locations in the video, where animated characters keep their belongings in a rain cloud.

There really are endless possibilities with animation, and I really hope this short guide has helped you to decide on the best approach for your animated marketing video.

I wish you the best of luck in creating an animation that defines your brand, highlights its assets and brings a great return on investment.

Marianna Keen is a web marketing content writer for London’s, Qudos Animations. The leading production studio creates illustrations, animation and audio to form highly attractive and informative marketing videos for businesses worldwide.

You can contact the studio on (+44) 020 8891 2077 or by email: info@qudos-animations.com. Alternatively, you can find them on Google Plus or by visiting their website.