How Takis Is Reaching Younger Audiences with New Interactive 360° Ad

For their latest campaign, chips brand Takis needed to target a younger customer base. As the competition for the eyes of younger target markets has created a cluttered online environment, Takis was seeking an innovative way to deliver ad creative that would separate itself from the clutter. They wanted something innovative, that would really jump off mobile phones and capture young people’s attention.

How did they do this? Takis used new and effective ad formats that utilize VR and 3D technologies. In partnership with OmniVirt, the brand launched a first-to-market 3D and 360° advertising campaign. Takis used OmniVirt’s proprietary 360° technology to build and distribute three immersive ad experiences across target websites: a 3D display ad, an interactive 360° game, and a 360° dance battle. Each ad experience centers around the high-energy brand tagline “Are You Takis Enough?” featuring bags of Takis chips and high schoolers representing each chip flavor through different dance styles.

The hope was that that this immersive campaign could exceed the average engagement rates for traditional flat content distributed across the web. Thus, IRI is currently performing a sales lift study on purchase intent to measure the performance of Takis’ immersive ads. Preliminary results show the campaign has strongly outperformed expected targets. In particular, while a traditional display ad will generate, on average, a 0.35% engagement rate, their innovative 3D ad boasts a 7.7% engagement rate.

As this campaign is clearly a winner, it is important to analyze their usage of these immersive formats.

First, there is the 3D display ad, a brand new ad format. In general, 3D ads allow the audience to move their phones or click and drag on desktop to interact with 3D models of products. In the case of Takis, users play with a 3D model of the iconic bag of Takis chips. See a live demo here. The second advertisement is a 360° dance battle. The creative features high school dancers battle it out through dance, each representing a different variety of Takis chips. This 360° video content is distributed as a video pre-roll ad. The final ad in the campaign is an interactive 360° game in which the user search for hidden Takis chips bags while the flavor dancers dance in slow motion.

This immersive content speaks for itself. It’s no wonder this type of creative boasts remarkable engagement statistics. Among a pool of traditional, flat, two-dimensional banner ads that drive millions to use ad blockers, immersive campaigns with sufficiently subtle branding excel.

Brands looking to distribute immersive content ought to consider OmniVirt’s platform. OmniVirt allows brands to distribute immersive content in the familiar atmosphere of an ad manager platform the same way as any other brand would distribute flat content.