How to Maximize the Visibility of Your Explainer Videos

So, your website is up and running and you’re open for business. You’ve spent some time and money and now you have an awesome explainer video that will keep your visitors hanging around longer and, subsequently, boosting your Google ranking.

Your next challenge is to get people to actually watch the video. Here’s a list of ways you can maximize the visibility of your explainer videos.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most useful tools to promote your content. As a result, Facebook and Twitter are the obvious platforms to start your social media campaign. Facebook is in some ways more flexible than Twitter and a better medium to reach potential customers. You can define your audience better and Facebook is integrated with Instagram. By creating a Facebook ad campaign, you’ll be able to get your explainer video into your potential customers’ newsfeeds. Explainer videos are more trustworthy than still-image advertising, and you may see an increase in traffic.

It’s important to be active on social media and share content regularly. Your explainer video is already more likely to be shared than text or images, simply because it’s video, but you still have to encourage your followers to share your explainer video. Like, comment, and share content from other complimentary pages and businesses to encourage fans of this content to like your page and follow you on twitter too.

Blog Posts

Place your explainer video in your blog post. This will ensure people stay longer on your site. This also has numerous SEO-related benefits like lowering your bounce rate and increasing your search ranking. You can place your explainer video in guest posts on other blogs. By doing this, you tap into someone else’s high online visibility to boost your own traffic. To do this effectively, you need to incorporate other activities into your marketing strategy including building links to videos and creating valuable content.


Hosting your video on YouTube can help you attract new visitors, but you need a YouTube marketing strategy. You’re literally competing with millions of other YouTube channels. It’s important to find something that makes your channel unique. There’s one thing that drives a YouTube channel, and that’s pure, unadulterated value. This value should be in line with the products and services you offer.

Don’t upload a single video to ‘try things out.’ Consistency is key. Make sure you regularly upload useful video content. When you have a channel of useful and solid information, views will increase. Do keyword research and include the keywords in your video titles and descriptions. When your videos are short and informative, people are more likely to share them. It can also be useful to include a transcript of the video.

Landing Page

Embed your explainer video on your landing page. Place your explainer video above the fold for the best results. The first thing visitors should see is a big, clickable play button. Don’t trust visitors to scroll down to see the video. Make it as easy and quick. Researchers found landing page videos above the fold can increase the average time a visitor spends on that page from 8 seconds to 2 minutes. This can increase your conversion rate tremendously.

Email Marketing

If you have an email list, you can maximize the visibility of your explainer video with email. For many people email is still the most effective tool for online marketing. A lot of people still use email every day, so using video gives you the opportunity to stand out and increase your open rate.

Pay attention to your subject line. Use the word ‘video’ in your subject line and promise you’ll keep it short. It’s also important to embed your video into the HTML code with HTML5 as most email services like Outlook and Gmail can’t play videos in email.  When you use email to market your explainer videos, keep your file size small. If the video takes too long to load, your prospect can get impatient and lose interest.