Most Influential YouTube Channels and Achieving YouTube Marketing Success

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube continues to grow and is now a huge video platform whether you are releasing a music video, making videos for your fans, showing marketing videos, sharing explainer videos, or uploading video content for your peers. Around 1 billion people visit YouTube every month around the world, with approximately 100 hours of video content uploaded every minute. YouTube also can be an important part of a business’ marketing campaign. Hundreds of people across the world who started uploading B2B video marketing content as a hobby and now capitalise on these and often make a career from creating videos for businesses. Oh, how things have evolved!

YouTubers are often very influential among teens, millennials, and young adults and often are more relatable to adults than the well-known, Hollywood stars. A survey carried out by the University of Southern California highlighted that adults in the US considered YouTube stars to be five times more influential and believable than traditional celebs.

In March 2015, Time Magazine released its list of 30 most influential people on the Internet, with YouTubers infiltrating the list at every opportunity. Amongst the likes of Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama and Beyoncé you will find a whole host of people who make and upload YouTube videos. Advertising Age has their own list here: “Here Are the 10 Most Influential YouTube Stars Among Adults.”

Popular YouTube Channels

The YouTube channel with one of the highest subscriber rates, if not the highest, is a Swedish gamer who goes by the name ‘Pewdiepie’. With over 40 million subscribers, a number that is still growing rapidly, Felix Kjellberg broadcasts videos of him playing video games with added narration. He’s helped to give game-makers invaluable exposure and has used his new-found “online celebrity” status to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities.

Grace Helbig, an American YouTube personality, began using the YouTube platform in 2007 and now has a New York Times, best-seller book under her belt, as well as her own talk show on American TV Channel E!

Other YouTubers, who made the influential list, include Tyler Oakley, who turned his popularity on YouTube into real-life success. In 2015, he interviewed Michelle Obama and reported on the Grammys red carpet.

British YouTubers

Coming a little closer to home, there are tons of British YouTubers paving their way to success. YouTube can often be a door to many other opportunities, as well as being incredibly influential in terms of fashion, beauty, make up, and popular culture. These ‘vloggers’, as they are called, constantly are increasing their following and status.

Zoe Sugg, a 25 year old from Wiltshire, is a fashion and beauty vlogger, who goes by the alias ‘Zoella’. She has gained around 9 million followers since she started in 2007. She has become a go-to for many young girls when it comes to fashion and beauty. This just goes to show something as simple as your hobby can turn into a career, all through the power of video.

On top of this you also have YouTube power couple Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman who upload tips and act as life gurus. They have almost 6 million subscribers between them.

The Value of Video Content

It seems clear that video content marketing can be a catapult to larger success. Effective use of video is proven to lead to engagement with audiences, fun, and even sales leads and new clients for individuals and businesses, and when it is done right through a strategic marketing campaign then gaining successful results using video and video marketing is even more likely. Whether you are creating a television advertising campaign – or simply want to keep uploading fresh content to your YouTube channel – seeking experts to help to structure your YouTube marketing and video channel marketing efforts is an important step to helping make your videos reach global audiences too.