The Making of Successful Video Game Trailers: What You Need to Know

In the gaming industry, video trailers are a huge attraction. It is no wonder that the release of trailers for hotly anticipated game titles generates consumes a vast number of column inches. Some of the trailers are fragmented into smaller bits to generate even more buzz across the gaming community. On the surface, this looks like an absurd strategy, but it works!

Most members of the gaming community love trailers. Trailers for huge titles draw attention in gaming events like E3. Trailers for casual games also draw attention. This is why on, and other UK bingo sites, you will find trailers for different games ranging from new bingo game variants to other casual games from the same providers. New and old bingo players find these videos interesting and thus, the providers keep using them.

The right video game trailer takes some careful planning. For some examples, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Halo 3 video trailers show what it means to get video game trailers right. Mirroring such results is difficult but not impossible. This piece takes a look at some ways to ensure success with the game trailers.

Ingredients For a Great Video Trailer

The best trailers are engaging and entertaining. Your video marketing is easier when you get this right. Emphasis is equally on ensuring that the audience has a good understanding of what the game is about without descending into talk about features of the game. Trailers don’t contain bullet points or marketing gimmick. They simply give a feeling of what a game is about whilst taking the viewer into the world of the game in question in an honest manner. When the trailer hits home, the viewer is enticed to learn more about what is being shown.

Use New Video Production Techniques and Tools

The video game industry is fast paced. Game trailers made with stale technology and techniques don’t resonate with today’s gaming audience. You need to stay up to date with current technologies. HD Trailer recordings were the norm a decade ago. Today however, 4K recordings are the standard. Similarly, trailers were mostly made as videos but with the advent of VR, trailers are now made to cater for both the general audience and gamers with VR gear. Batman Arkham and Resident Evil 7 are just some of the recent video games that have taken advantage of this.

Be Mindful of Video Length

The best video game trailers are usually between 90 seconds and two minutes long. Anything longer and you are facing the risk of losing the attention of the viewer and ultimately interest in the game. Inability to compress your video game trailer into 90 seconds is a pointer that you are doing it wrong!

Use The Right Music

When making game trailers, there is always the temptation to use heavy metal, techno or dubstep music. However, in many cases, such music variations don’t match the content. Contrary to popular opinion, the music in the trailer is important. In some cases, it ends up as the main draw. Here is a good example.

In summary, the key to a successful game trailer is one that focuses on the game play and uses the right technology and techniques to give the audience a reason to be expectant of the game’s launch date.