Marketers: Put the Multi Back In Your Media

Read a great blog post over the weekend from Carissa Newton at Delivra.  The post is called “Social + Email = Success Not a Choice“, and it discusses the folly of choosing to focus your marketing strategy entirely in one area — in this case, choosing social media over email — and how “new trends” like social media do not replace, but rather compliment more traditional methods of communication.

This, of course, got me thinking about video. If we think about video as a new trend — and it is trending upwards — how can we combine it in a meaningful way with other methods of communication? Is there an aspect of social media, for example, that you could leverage with video? Even beyond building a community on YouTube? I believe there is.

What about email? Video email is a hot-button issue right now, what with the announcement from Google that GMail will soon have the ability to play videos in-message. But slapping a video on an email isn’t really meaningful — no moreso than putting a link to your facebook page is, anyway. What happens once your prospects watch that video? What do they do? What incentive do they have to do it? And how will you know who is engaging and responding?

It’s all about making your marketing meaningful. And I don’t just mean to your audience, though that is certainly very important. It’s also about generating meaningful data about your viewers’ behavior so that you can react and respond to their engagement. And if to optimize this engagement you need to cross media, then it is monumentally important to figure out how you are going to do this.

Wayne Wall is Executive Director of the Web Video Marketing Council.  He can be reached at

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