How Mattress Firms Convert More Sales with Video Marketing

You might not think much concerning mattress marketing. However, it’s far from being forgettable. Here, I should point out that mattresses are not only meant for sleep. For instance, they play a massive part in ensuring proper growth and development of muscles. So, when it comes to selling mattresses, video marketing is quite remarkable.

It’s an exciting time to be in the mattress business. Why? Well, with the growth of technology, brands have moved from showrooms and warehouses onto the internet. Also, by doing away with the ‘middleman,’ you can enjoy affordable products in their best quality.

So, here are just some of the ways on how these companies are using video marketing to sell their products:

Use of Social Media

As I was reading through the best mattress companies, I came across Eve, one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the country. They provide customers with products of various shapes and sizes. Most importantly, they use some powerful platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to improve their sales. Eve posts pretty magazine-style editorial snaps of its mattress on these sites. In doing so, they reach out to their customers and tap into the lives of the people who call those platforms ‘home.’ As an example, Facebook is currently dictating the social-selling process by scooping almost 65% of all social network advertisement revenues and also getting a 1.85% conversion rate.

Brand Blogging

Blogs serve different functions. They play a massive role in boosting your digital footprint through Search Engine Optimization, use of backlinks to increase traffic, and sharing videos. You’ll even discover they’re crucial tools when it comes to building and engaging critical community hubs. Here, you can showcase the brand’s values, voice, and personality as you connect with your customers.

Using Social Influencers

I was shocked to find out that Casper, one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the world, used a Kardashian (Kylie Jenner) in one of its ads. She has over 62.9 million followers, which helped the ad attract over one million likes.

Partnering with famous social media stars to reach different audiences is a fantastic way to boost both sales and engagement. Similarly, having musicians like Kanye West do musical product promotions can also go a long way in improving mattress sales. Of course, your ability to snag these endorsements also depends on your company’s budget.


A majority of us trust other human beings more than the big brands who are, in fact, trying to sell us something. I usually call vloggers the undisputed kings of the YouTube world and beyond. Many mattress companies have decided to build strong connections with famous vloggers to help humanize their products. One of these brands is Leesa, which calls on major commentators in its target market. These are mostly mothers and families. It then goes on to promote their ‘sweet’ words through Facebook’s video advertisement function. According to reports, 63% of consumers show they’re more likely to buy from a website if it has awesome ratings and reviews. Creating social proof on your site is crucial as other customers show new online shoppers the direction to take!

Online Storytelling

One of the best ways of differentiating your company from others is by using amazing video stories. Good online storytelling is essential, especially for online brands looking to separate themselves from competitors. Although you’ll find some mattress brands produce expensive models, their rich history and loyalty give them just the right story.

Just looking at some of these lessons, you can see how much smarter mattress companies are getting when it comes to doing business. I expect the world of video marketing to keep on improving, which means that more brands will fall in love with the process. All in all, it’s one marketing method you shouldn’t let pass you!