Are You Ready for the AI Marketing Revolution

With every technology advancement, comes an undercurrent of fear. It is a natural reaction to the unknown, no matter how unfounded the fear may be. Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has long been the subject of Hollywood blockbuster movies, but now it is closer to reality than ever before and we all are on the cusp of AI being used as a matter of course for business, marketing, and all other business and non-business applications. AI still is in its infancy, but it is being used more and more every day – especially in the realm of online marketing. So if you use video and other digital content for your marketing campaigns understanding how AI will affect those campaigns is important.

So, what is the impact of AI on marketers? Will the use of AI impact negatively the careers of marketing professionals? Big Rock, a London based B2B digital marketing agency, polled senior decision-making marketing professionals to understand about how they feel about the emergence of AI within marketing and the potential to affect marketers and how they execute and perform in the future. Their research shows that for marketers to survive, they will need to adapt and evolve their current working practices in order to stay relevant and competitive.
For more information on the AI revolution, visit Big Rock and ask their team of professionals questions about AI, how to use it, and its relevance to your marketing efforts today and into the future. Are you ready for AI? If not, you should be and see please review this helpful AI infographic overview from Big Rock to guide you.

Infographic provided courtesy of Big Rock:

How to coexist with AI. A guide for Marketers