Social Video Marketing: Get the Most Out of Your Videos

Social Video Marketing

Social video marketing has grown into one of the most effective ways to spread ideas.  We process visuals at a speed 60,000 times faster than we do text.  Video is engaging, entertaining and helps to humanize and strengthen a brand while connecting with target consumers on a personal and engaging level.  Social media can be an efficient and fast way to share and spread your business videos in order to maximize the marketing benefits. With a multitude of social media sites and outlets available, it is important to choose the ones  that will reach your target prospects and customers.

YouTube Video Marketing

As the third most visited website on the internet, YouTube easily facilitates sharing and embedding videos across any social media platform, helping your  video marketing reach a wider and more conclusive audience.  A YouTube account that posts engaging and informative videos about your business, products or services can strengthen your company’s identity, humanize it and facilitate connections with target prospects..  In the 2013 Video Marketing Trends Report, survey results showed that YouTube dominated business video marketing on video sharing websites (Flimp Trends Report).  94 percent of marketers reported using YouTube for video marketing while only 51.1 percent of marketers reported using Vimeo.  Other video sharing sites such as DailyMotion,, Viddler, and Veoh were used by less than 11 percent of all marketers surveyed.  YouTube marketing is especially effective in sharing video across multiple websites and should be used, if not as a primary means of viral video sharing, as a secondary outlet to facilitate video distribution to a wide audience.

Facebook Video Marketing

As the second most visited website online, Facebook has immense potential for online video marketing and social media video sharing.  One of the most beneficial features of Facebook to marketers is autoplay.  As users scroll through their newsfeed any videos posted will automatically play on the home screen.  Companies can use this to their advantage to capture their target audience with engaging visuals that will entice the viewer to want to learn more.

Facebook receives almost 700 million visitors to their website daily.  This traffic creates a greater number of potential viewers who can share video so that its presence proliferates throughout the site.

Twitter Video Marketing

The ninth most visited website online is Twitter.  70 percent of marketers used Twitter as a means of sharing videos.  Links to videos can be easily posted and viewed on the social media site.  Twitter’s 218 million active users can retweet videos which allow them to be seen by more users.  Due to Twitter’s short, concise nature micro-videos have been the most effective form of video marketing.

Vine Video Marketing

Video Marketing can also be successful on a smaller and more cost-effective scale through Social Media websites such as Vine.   Successful video marketing campaigns on Vine have been most effective when individual videos come as part of a series or larger campaign.  The six second vines grab the viewer’s attention and leaves them entertained, curious, or more informed.   A great vine video advertisement will leave the viewer wanting to see more or give information about a product or company.  Vine will likely see a greater amount of video marketing since the creation of its website which allows anyone to view public vines in a similar fashion as YouTube in 2014.

LinkedIn Video Marketing

LinkedIn, as the eighth most visited website online, can be valuable in helping companies share business videos for marketing or communications with other professionals.  In one 2013 report 57 percent of marketing professionals reported using LinkedIn to promote and share business related videos.

The main purpose of social media video marketing is to entertain, inspire and spark conversations with your audience.  Social media should maintain value for your customers while at the same time building trust with a company.  Self-promotion will have more value and be better received by customers if they can trust and relate to a company.  Marketers need to keep social media fresh and innovative.  This will attract customers to view and engage in your video marketing through social media.

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