“Steal” the Best Video Marketing Techniques From the Biggest Brands

Pablo Picasso said it best: Good artists copy, great artists steal. If you want to increase the reach of your video marketing content, you need to “steal” ideas and techniques from the biggest brands with the most compelling and shared videos.


You don’t want to take the same road as your competition but you want to take big ideas from successful companies’ videos and apply them to your own video marketing campaigns in order to make something refreshing and compelling to present to your viewers. Here are some of the biggest brands on the planet and some ways to “steal” their concepts and apply them to your own marketing videos.

Red Bull


Give your customers a jolt of adrenaline and they will be anxiously awaiting your next piece of content. Break some world records and you’ll have their wallets open and their jaws on the floor. This was the concept behind Red Bull’s record-breaking Stratus video that went viral in 2012 and broke the world record for skydiving in a four-minute free fall from the edge of space — no, that’s not an exaggeration; it’s a technical term. Felix Baumgartner fell over 120,000 feet and broke three world records, including being the first human being to break the sound barrier with nothing more than his body.

What does this have to do with an energy drink? Not much. What does this have to do with the Red Bull brand identity? Everything, not to mention pretty much personifying their tagline: Red Bull Gives You Wings.

What marketing concept can you steal from Red Bull? Go big! And don’t just break the mold. Break records.



What Amway lacks in adrenaline-pumping viral content, they lead with heartfelt, personalized passion. The Fortune 500 Company has been around for decades, and their marketing videos show just that — a rich history rooted in family, freedom, and entrepreneurship.

Amway’s videos have no words, just a feel-good original soundtrack and compelling on-screen text that leaves the viewer wanting to know more about how they can pursue the American dream of entrepreneurship through a well-established, internationally-renowned company. This 30-second video shows families, young professionals, and happy couples enjoying each other and the little things in life, highlighting that being your own boss can afford you more time to do these things.



Sexism is a hot-button issue all over the world, and Always feminine products found a way to resonate with every woman who has ever felt the pressure of the glass ceiling. Their “Like a Girl” video campaign is executed in a minimalist interview format in which they ask women, men and boys to run, fight and throw like a girl. The unassuming participants reenact the most awkward and ineffective versions of running, fighting, and throwing.

When young girls are asked the same question, the point of the video — and an incredible social injustice — is made clear. The startling and heartbreaking truth that young women are affected by sexism throughout their lives is portrayed when one young girl is asked, “What does it mean to run like a girl,” and she responds, “To run as fast as you can.”

While breaking the hearts of your audience isn’t always the way to win them over, reaching them on a truly emotional and revelatory level is likely to convert them to fans for life. Again, this has little to do with feminine products, and everything to do with women, Always’ target audience. The lesson here is to deliver simple yet thought-provoking video content. If you can start a positive dialogue about a topic close to the hearts of your target market, you’ve created something special that will not soon be forgotten.