Three Reasons Web Video Marketing Keeps Growing

Online video marketing has been growing consistently for years. In its early days, when we were first introduced to the concept of videos ‘going viral’ via email, it was clear that users found video engaging and that this was a great way to earn brand recognition. Later, as social media took hold, and video sharing to large audiences became mainstream, marketing videos and B2B video marketing became essential as a marketing strategy to spread the word about businesses, products, services, and ideas.

Today, we are at a stage where businesses either have integrated video marketing as part of their video marketing strategy or are considering it. And, the upward trend shows no sign of plateauing, just yet. Here are three reasons why video marketing keeps growing in 2016.

Watching Video On the Go is More Popular Than Ever

The capabilities for watching web video on mobile devices have been around for as long as smartphones themselves (and if you are having trouble with a locked smartphone, you can visit this site for more information). However, better smartphone and tablet devices designed with great video and picture quality have made viewing video on mobiles more appealing, and the latest smart phone screens provide options to watch HD movies. Additionally, better data tariffs and the availability of Wi-Fi in public places have encouraged people to stream video immediately rather than watch a video later when they get home (with a good chance of forgetting all about it in that time!).

Facebook (and all social media) Likes Video

Facebook’s algorithms that decide which content from users to show to friends are a secret, but it is known that the robustness of posts and posts that keep viewers longer on Facebook are key factors taken into consideration when deciding what content to show into daily feeds. Facebook, and most social video marketing channels, likes video and shows original and shared that contains video with more frequency than text posts. This may also be partly due to how a user’s behaviour affects what they see. For instance, if people watch videos that appear in their timelines, it is thought that Facebook sees them as enjoying this type of media and it then will increases the amount of video it shows them, in addition to holding the viewer longer on Facebook for advertising opportunities.

YouTube Marketing Is a Major Search Engine

YouTube has shown no decline in popularity and is actually one of the biggest search engines on the web. Google plays well with YouTube, since they own them, and shows enhanced search results for YouTube marketing videos that allow people to watch video straight from search results pages, which also tends to lead people to video content.

Video marketing is still growing – so get on board as it will continue to grow. As video gets easier to produce at a cost you can afford both with professional video production companies an inexpensively on your own, if you choose this route, it is likely to be something even more small businesses will be adding to their marketing strategies in the next year or two.