Top Collaboration Tools for Video Marketers

If real estate is all about location, online video marketing is all about collaboration. Whether you’re working on a promotional video or your own personal project, there’s no question you’ll want feedback on your project at some point during the process. Collaboration tools helps video marketers do exactly that.

Whether you’re walking through the video cost calculation process or putting final touches on video content, collaboration is invaluable for getting projects where you want them. We’ll take you through five of the top collaboration tools for video marketers to get you moving and sharing.

#1: Dropbox

Dropbox is all about one thing: sharing files. In many cases, it’s about sharing very large files—the very large files that are necessary for making your video marketing projects. Dropbox isn’t considered a collaboration tool in many cases, but it’s one of the top collaboration tools for video marketers. This is because the software allows quick, easy and reliable means for sharing your biggest files with those whose help or feedback you need. More than that, it’s a relatively cost-effective option for video marketers at any level.

#2: Camtasia

Primarily a screen sharing software, Camtasia takes collaboration to a new level. Instead of just allowing simple screencasting, as with Skype or Google Hangouts, the Camtasia software has advanced tools for quickly narrating and editing a video. In fact, Camtasia is used by web video marketers to create original content. But it can be useful for collaboration when someone gets stuck on a particularly problematic part of the video and needs help from others. With annotation tools, the software allows video marketers to explain exactly what they want.

#3: Evernote

Another less-than-obvious choice, Evernote proves to be a valuable collaboration tool for one important reason: it keeps people organized. The software allows users to capture web pages, save videos and articles, and keep entire folders of to do lists. On top of it all, it is very easy to share a note or saved video with other users. Evernote can play an important role in the idea generation and brainstorming stages of video marketing.

#4: Zoom

Zoom is helpful for collaboration for one important element—the software focuses on screen sharing among users. Zoom works as a simplified Camtasia, allowing users to share their screens in real time. The software is primarily designed to be a web conference tool, so it’s the essence of collaboration. Its screencasting is a plus for online video marketers.

Getting Creative with the Top Collaboration Tools for Video Marketers

The dozens of collaboration tools available online mean you can get as creative with collaboration as you do with your videos. You can spend some time evaluating which tools will work best for you or your team. Once you’re comfortable, you can begin implementing those collaboration tools for all of your video marketing projects.