Various Ways Businesses Can Leverage Video Marketing

When brands are looking for more money and the market share of an already existing business or a startup, a financial decision to delve into video marketing is critical. Video marketing is crucial for conversion and revenue in any business, so it must be well budgeted.

Studies say an image is worth a thousand words, what can we say about a video then? Customers retain only 10% of the text they read, 65% of the images they see, and 93% of the video they’ve just watched. Is that not enough reason for businesses to delve into video marketing? Of course.

YouTube is the most searched site on the internet behind Google and there’s a reason for that. People want to be inspired not just by what they see anymore but by what they can feel before they buy your product. Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, they make a video of it improving people’s lives—just like most production companies do—and their sales skyrocket. Any business can follow the same trend. They just need to define the type of video marketing they want and the type of story they want to sell to customers.

Marketing videos come in various forms and length to get messages across.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos show how a product is made or used using a sample scenario that demonstrates to potential customers this is what they would be receiving if they purchase the product or service. The length can be between five and ten minutes depending on what the product denotes.

Demo Videos

Demo videos are short videos that capture the essence of what the product or service is about. It’s a way businesses use video marketing to build interest about an upcoming product. They usually go beyond simply showing how the product works. Such a video in the hands of a couple of influencers or ad campaigns on social media will bring attention to the product. They’re usually short, between thirty seconds and a minute.

Live Videos

If you’re trying to gain customers’ trust in your business, try using a live video feed to answer customer complaints and inquiries from your website or social media handle. Live video is a big plus to a business brand. It shows you care enough to put consumer interests as a top priority of your business. They can last for as little or as much time as you have on a given day (usually a one to two hour window). You can also record and post the full video after the live stream has ended.

Customer Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video is better when it feels like the customer made it themselves—or at least wrote the script. Explaining their problem, how your product or service came into play and the positive experience they had using your product. It sends a message like nothing else in the industry and a lot of businesses are starting to use it. All they have to do is get in touch with customers they have an excellent rapport with and ask them to make a genuine testimonial video. Paydayloansnet can help with financing for a variety of video projects whichever party foots the bill.

Augmented or Virtual Reality Videos

Similar to what we now have in the realm of video games, augmented reality is starting to find its way into the movie and fashion businesses. Soon, companies across the world will use it. What it does is give customers a fuller idea of what to expect from their product. Customers can have the ability to change colors, image angle, and more as they explore  the product and how they can use it.