Video Content Marketing for Online Stores: 3 Creative Ideas to Begin With


Content marketing is a big part of Internet marketing, and more and more digital experts and marketers are shifting towards producing and using video content. People are more intrigued and engaged by videos and because the entire infrastructure to support video viewing – including video sharing platforms, smart phone data plans that accommodate large amounts of video viewing cost effectively, and devices that support video viewing – the marketplace is mature enough to facilitate maximum viewer interactions with all types of marketing videos.

Naturally, online e-Commerce storefronts can take advantage of the online video content marketing trend and use video marketing to attract customers; as a matter of fact, a lot of today’s top online stores are already doing it. You too can benefit from video marketing and here are some three creative ways to do so with examples to show you the way.

1. Stories Before Products

One of the best approaches to take when you want to use video marketing to promote products and services is using stories. Instead of putting the products front and center, you build a story around them. Viewers relate better to stories, which means you can turn your video marketing campaign into an effective marketing instrument by adding stories to the content.


As an example, an online store specializing in custom-made leather shoes can create a series of explainer videos about how the shoes get made. The videos can center on the leather production facility, the craftsman working behind the scene, and, of course, the immense care and attention to detail that is put into every product.

These videos are not actually showcasing the features of the shoes directly – in a hard-sell kind of way – but they tell the same key messages and show that you are an expert helping people. More importantly, customers will find these videos more relatable than the usual video tour as they are both informational and helpful!

2. Product-Based Tutorial Videos

Another approach to consider is creating tutorial videos that customers can follow and learn from. If your online store is selling electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories, for example, a series of videos on tricks, mods, and other tutorials will be highly popular.

These educational and learning videos also are known for being effective in boosting sales. Adding a call-to-action link to “learn more” at the end of the video is also a good idea to direct viewers to the associated product pages right away.


Oh yes, don’t forget to shorten your checkout process and make credit card payments easy when you get viewers on checkout pages. As example of a company helping online ecommerce merchants to expedite sales processes is that makes it possible for online stores that sell higher-risk products, such as e-cigs, to accept credit card payments efficiently.

Thus, an interesting tutorial video and an optimized product page – along with the shortened checkout process – will produce the best conversion rates for your ecommerce storefront. Viewers are already searching for ways to use your products, so converting them into customers will not be difficult.

3. Add a Face and Connect on a Personal Level

One last tip to keep in mind is to add a face to your videos. A character that viewers can relate to is always better than a formal voiceover and faceless product overviews. Viewers love to connect with brands on a personal level, so adding a character – or live real, non-actor person – to your videos is an effective move to make. Here is a great example of using these type of character-driven videos that explain products: elevenpine product explainer video gallery and here is one easy to shoot from your smartphone example from that gallery.

For the online shoe store we talked about earlier can feature craftsmen, designers and other people working behind the scene. Take a look at the above elevenpine example and these elevenpine fun, character explainer videos too and let the videos tell their stories and present these characters as the best elements that make the store – and the products – great. The impact of adding a relatable set of characters will go beyond anything conventional marketing can achieve.