Video Content Marketing: What The World Cup Can Teach Us

fifa world cup

So we decided to take the opportunity of World Cup to sit down and analyze the power of sport and how it relates to video content marketing.  No sooner was a goal scored when we started to realize the bigger picture and “The Power of Sport” and content.  As a video storytelling agency we are very interested in knowing what people care about and why.  Not everyone who watches World Cup likes soccer, so what is it that we can learn from these experience that will help drive better, more engaging video content?  Here are four things we found crucial to making an impact with your audience.

1. We Are All United.

We as humans need to feel connected and sport has this incredible power to unite us as individuals under a common banner or theme.  This can be national pride or the spirit of a common people.  The old saying. “Birds of a feather, flock together,” many of us Canadians are new Canadians, meaning our cultural roots come from another country.  We, as Canadians, are free to celebrate this and when it comes to sports we unite together to show our pride.  When it comes video content marketing, one of the key ingredients is understanding what people are going to rally together for.  What’s in the video that people identify with and want to be a part of.  Understanding this makes your video content more compelling and showing this in your video story is a way to engage your audience.

2. Storytelling – The Hero and The Underdog

Sports reveal stories.  Stories about heroes and underdogs, triumphs and heart crushing defeats, and it’s the storytelling that makes it compelling.  We’re just wired that way.   Get the audience involved with the challenge and the outcome, show them the heroes or how the underdog seized the day.  This will make your video memorable.  This will engage your audience with the content or brand message far more than stats or figures ever will.  Storytelling is the key to understanding the problem and appreciating the outcome.  Video content marketing is more effective when there is a compelling story at the heart of the campaign.

3. Visuals Convey Emotions

When watching some powerful action in sports, the visuals convey way more than mere words.  A grimacing face wincing in pain, the stunned look of defeat or the pure joy and elation of victory.  Don’t tell me what’s happening — let video show me the emotions in a powerful and meaningful way.  It will strike a chord deep within your audience and make your Internet videos more engaging.

4. Strategy

Every team, every sport, every coach on the planet has a strategy.  They have a road map that highlights their strengths, their opponent’s weaknesses and how a team will maneuver towards victory.  Strategy and video content go hand in hand.  One cannot live without the other.  When it comes to creating video content — develop a video content marketing strategy first.  This will help define and focus your outcome and your messages.  When a team is trailing at half, do you think the coach is telling them to try harder in the locker room?  No – he’s clearly redefining messages to reach the desired goal.  He is sticking to the plan and focusing efforts.  He’s not adding new messages into the mix and confusing the team, he is anchoring his team in their foundation.  That’s how you win, having the right strategy from the start.

Author: Jeanette McFarlane, Managing Director – Flashframe Digital Media

Jeanette  is a seasoned marketer with over 18 years of experience in advertising, marketing and video production.