Video Marketing 101 – 8 Steps to Making Your Own Ads

Using video to advertise your product can boost your lead conversion considerably. Video demands consumer attention and is proven to have higher retentions rates. There are, however, steps you should follow to ensure you make high-converting ads.

Step 1: Determine the benefit

What benefit will your customer derive from your product or service? When buying a drill, for example, the customer doesn’t want a drill, they want holes in their walls. Try to determine what it is customers want your product to do for them.

Step 2: Formulate the advertisement

Figure out a creative way to tell people what you’re offering them by introducing your product or service and tell them the benefits. Do this using the AIDA-formula:

– (Get their) Attention
– (Create) Interest
– (Make them) Desire (your product)
– (Call to) Action

Step 3: Personalize

Collect pictures of you, your employees, and happy customers. Get video testimonials from people that bought your product before. This adds an element of social proof to your video advertisement. When consumer see that other people use your product or service and are happy with it, they will also want to jump onboard.

Step 4: Write a final script of your advertisement

Try to incorporate the AIDA-formula into the script. Because you know your business and product, it’s preferable that you write the script yourself. This will make the advertisement more sincere and legitimate. You also understand your Unique Selling Proposition and better than everyone else.

Step 5: Find someone to read the script

If you don’t want to appear on camera or do the voice over, find a professional on a freelancing website and hire them to do it. Make sure they speak in a voice that captures the branding of your business. If you sell kids’ toys, for example, use someone with a bright and happy voice.

Step 6: Prepare

Choose the correct setting and make sure you have quality lighting and recording equipment. The Blackmagic 4K is perfect for making video advertisements as it records high-resolution content that you can use in correlation with your video editing software. This camera has a built-in SSD card, it records your videos in an open-file format, and it’s fitted with EF compatible lens mounts.

Step 7: Record your video advertisement

Your video advertisement should not be longer than 30 seconds. Make sure that you or the person you hired speaks clearly and sticks to the script. Re-record the video until you’re satisfied everything is perfect. Keep in mind that a Call to Action is very important. If you didn’t include one in your script, add it now.

Step 8: Share your advertisement

Create a Facebook advertising campaign and upload your video to YouTube. If your marketing campaign is small, ask friends to share your video with their friends. You can also ask an influencer to share your video on their platforms. Make sure your video is share-friendly by including social media sharing buttons that are big and easy to click on.